Thursday, September 24, 2020

LAVENDER AND LACE by Tara Grace Ericson, reviewed by Kim #releasesSept28

This series just keeps getting better! In fact, this is my new favorite of the Bloom family stories. I love the movie You’ve Got Mail and Lavender and Lace is a great take on it! I also loved going back to the wonderful setting of the Bloom farm and catching up with the family!

I loved the humor and the banter between Lavender and Emmett. I also enjoyed their online relationship and their use of book quotes when they were chatting. The faith aspect in this story is about being confident in who we are in Christ instead of worrying about how we are perceived online. It is well done, timely, and needed for today’s culture.

This story was a joy to read from start to finish. If you’re looking for a light fun read that’s full of faith and family, this series is for you! I’m looking forward to reading the next Bloom sister story!
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. The faith element is light.

BackCover Blurb:

In their online writer chatroom, they are getting serious.
In the real world; He thinks she’s shallow, and she thinks he’s out of touch.
When their worlds collide, will their hearts survive?

Lavender Bloom is a social marketing expert and influential fashion blogger. Always focused on the perfect image, she shows the world a flawless version of herself, except to her family and her nameless online best friend. Her broody new client certainly doesn’t understand her or why she prefers to hide behind her computer.

Reclusive author Emmett Drake spends his days writing his award-winning fantasy saga and his nights chatting online with the woman of his dreams. When he is forced to hire an image consultant to please his publisher, he despises everything the woman stands for, even if he sees hidden depths beneath her polished façade.

Lavender is determined to help Emmett embrace the power of social media, convinced he has the platform to make a difference. Meanwhile, he is determined to uncover the woman hiding behind the carefully scripted marketing lingo. Their struggle to find authenticity in a world centered on likes, comments, and shares will challenge them both to embrace God’s purpose for their lives – together.

Return to Bloom’s Farm in Lavender and Lace and embrace the joy of family, faith, and true love in this nostalgic modern nod to the romantic classic, You’ve Got Mail.

Silver Fountain Press Sept 2020


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