Sunday, May 7, 2023

REMEMBER ME by Tracie Peterson, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise

Pictures of the Heart Book #1 - A new series revolving around photography and the Seattle Exposition of 1909.

Addie has escaped from a hopeless, impossible situation in the Yukon and found refuge in Seattle with a loving, godly couple, Pearl and her husband Otis, a photographer. With the grace of God she is beginning to heal. Danger still follows her but so does Isaac, who she pledged to love years ago.

This was a significant story of sin and redemption. Ms. Peterson does not shy away from showing evil but conveys a clear Gospel message that resonates with all situations, even today. I enjoyed seeing Addie grow in faith and the assurance that God loved her and wanted the best for her. Isaac was portrayed as a hero who was steadfast and would stop at nothing to win Addie back.

Interesting were the facts brought out about the Exposition and photography of the era.

A timeless message for all.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Library Thing. I was not required to post a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*5 stars and a solid faith thread

BackCover Blurb:
From the Yukon to Seattle, the hope of a new beginning waits just around the corner.

Addie Bryant is haunted by her past of heartbreak and betrayal. After her beau, Isaac Hanson, left the Yukon, she made a vow to wait for him. When she's sold to a brothel owner after the death of her father, Addie manages to escape with the hope that she can forever hide her past and the belief that she will never have the future she's always dreamed of.

Years later, Addie has found peace in her new life as a photographer, training Camera Girls to operate and sell the Brownie camera. During the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo in Seattle, Addie is reunited with Isaac, but after the path her life has taken, she's afraid to expose the ugliness of her former life and to move toward the future they had pledged to each other.

When her past catches up with her, Addie must decide whether to run or to stay and face her wounds in order to embrace her life, her future, and her hope in God.

Bethany House Publishers, March 7, 2023
Available in digital ebook, paperback, hardcover and audiobook:



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