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COLD FURY and COLD CASE by Susan Sleeman, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

COLD FURY - Cold Harbor Series #3
"The screams tore through his body. Maggie. He was too late, and she was in trouble."

A heart-wrenching tragedy had driven them apart. It had been six years since Jackson Lockhart had laid eyes on Maggie Turner, but it didn't matter. Her life was in danger and Jackson was determined to protect her, although it seemed that his timely arrival had been a minute too late; a dark figure had his hands around Maggie's neck.

Maggie. Once upon a time, she had been his Maggie. But they had promised to go their separate ways, and separate ways they had gone. Jackson, back to his Special Forces unit and Maggie pursuing her career as a college professor and forensic anthropologist. Now in his role as an operative in Blackwell Tactical, their current contract and Maggie's safety had intersected; had God seen fit to bring them back together under these kinds of circumstances, where Jackson could "be there" for Maggie when she needed him most?

" . . . you never get used to losing someone you love so deeply . . . Memories will come flooding back at the oddest times, and you have to continually remember that God will work it all out for good . . . God always gets it right. When we worry or question Him, it's like we think He's gotten it wrong."

This story unpacks so many burdens of the heart. Yes, there's a race to the finish line of a complicated criminal case, but there's also a well-spring of spiritual truth that every reader will find mutually convicting and uplifting. Who doesn't need to be reminded that God is good . . . all the time . . . God is good.

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review

BackCover Blurb:
Six years ago tragedy tore them apart…
Maggie Turner happily works as an assistant professor in the Criminal Justice Department and lives a quiet life near campus. That is until Jackson Lockhart bursts into her life unexpectedly. Then a cyclone of emotions erupt as she remembers the tragedy that once tore them apart. She'd often thought of him, but they'd agreed never to see each other again, and so far, they'd kept their promise. But today…Jackson has a good reason for breaking his promise. Maggie's life depends on it.Will it now bring them back together?

In an ongoing investigation, Jackson has learned that university officials secretly photographed her classroom in a study on attendance. The recorder was supposed to run only during the class session, but it malfunctioned and recorded an entire week, which includes a shocking murder that has now put Maggie's life in danger. Can Jackson unravel the lies surrounding this incident before the killer unleashes his fury on Maggie and takes her life?

COLD CASE, Cold Harbor Series #4
"Cancel your classes or your computer isn't the only thing that will be DOA."

Well if that didn't get her attention, nothing could. Blackwell Tactical cyber security expert Eryn Calloway is stunned by the message that fills her computer screen. Deputy Trey Sawyer has a different take; besides being somewhat openly "smitten" with the lovely agent, Trey readily volunteers to step up as her impromptu bodyguard while she begins working to unmask the hacker, and proceeding to teach her computer classes at the annual Policing in the Modern World Conference. Neither kind of attention will be readily received by the very independent and emotionally guarded Eryn Calloway, but Trey is determined to keep her safe.

Quite an interesting story. The plot proceeds along, carefully and cautiously taking numerous twists, turns and dead ends. Don't be fooled there's a real ending . . . . that is quite the ending. And of course, there is just enough room to slide in that happily-ever-after that is just begging to be written.

" . . . she offered a prayer of thanks to God . . . for making her see that forever with the right guy was always worth the risk of loss. Always."
*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
When her past comes back to haunt her…
Former FBI cyber security agent Eryn Calloway worked many cyber investigations during her career as an FBI agent and while serving as Blackwell Tactical's cyber expert. But when her computer is locked with ransomware, she suddenly finds herself facing the biggest investigation of all. Failure to solve the case and find the hacker could result in the loss of her very life.

Can she let the one man who can protect her get close enough to do so?
Enter former Green Beret, deputy Trey Sawyer who offers to serve as her bodyguard. Trey has been in love with Eryn for a year, but she lost her husband several years ago and isn't ready to open herself to the potential for pain again. She's kept Trey at arm's length and wants to do so now-after all, she can take care of herself. But she has a four-year-old daughter to protect, so Eryn reluctantly agrees to let Trey into her world. But when they're thrown together in a race for her life, she has to combat both a vicious enemy-and the pain from her past. Is Trey trustworthy enough to let him into every area of her life, or is the risk too great?

 COLD FURY and COLD CASE and the entire Cold Harbor Series is available (individually and as a set) in digital ebook, paperback, and audiobook at Amazon

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