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COLD TERROR and COLD TRUTH by Susan Sleeman, COLD HARBOR SERIES, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

COLD TERROR - Cold Harbor Series #1
"The water hit like a tidal wave. The boat swirled. Churned. Turned. Lifted. Crashed down . . . panic overwhelming her as the water washed over her head and took her into the deadly depths."

Cold terror. . . was what it was. Until suddenly, "Strong arms held her".

Hannah Perry had run for her life, carrying her small son towards the only means of escape that was available on a secluded island. The water. Providentially, they were both rescued by a man whom Hannah not only knew, but had once loved; former SEAL Gage Blackwell. Now it was going to be up to both of them to figure out why Hannah had been attacked in the first place. Would they form a new forever partnership in the process?

"God had arranged for this amazing man to protect her. Maybe God had been looking out for her all along . . . "

It goes without saying, this author knows how to start off a new series with . . . in this case . . . a splash!

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
Forensic artist Hannah Perry's skills make her a valuable asset to the police in solving criminal investigations.
Now she's taking a much-needed vacation on a secluded island with her young son. But a young woman has been murdered. Her body unidentified. Her skull recently discovered by the police, and Hannah feels compelled to help find the killer. She decides to work on the reconstruction in the evenings while her son sleeps. But as the woman's face takes shape, an assailant invades Hannah's cabin and tries to end her life. Before he can permanently silence her, she and her son flee the island in a small boat. Trouble is, as they approach Cold Harbor, ocean waves capsize the boat, enveloping them both in cold terror.

But it also makes her the next target.
Former SEAL Gage Blackwell can't believe his eyes as he plunges into the raging waters to rescue the pair. Owner of Blackwell Tactical-a law enforcement training facility and protection services agency-Gage pulls the woman he once loved from the angry ocean. When he learns of her attack, he vows to protect her while hunting down the killer. Alone and vulnerable, Hannah has to accept Gage's protection-even if it means staying close to the man who'd once walked out on her without a backward glance.

COLD TRUTH, Cold Harbor Series #2
"Solve the puzzle and save your brother."

Stunned, Kiera Underwood frantically tries over and over again to reach her twin brother Kevin in order to find out why someone would have issued such an enigmatic ultimatum. Both of them were research chemists, so Keira knew about, and understood the value of, her brother's highly secret project for Oceanic Labs; synthesizing a biotoxin carried by seafood in order to create an antidote, but now he is missing and so is some of the lab's biotoxin.

Literally colliding with Blackwell Tactical team member Cooper Ashcroft outside of Oceanic Labs, Kiera learns that Kevin's employers have hired a private investigative unit to find her brother, spreading a cloud of suspicion around her by association. How can anyone believe that she would be involved in something that she knows her brother didn't do in the first place?

Sparks fly as Kiera and Cooper agree to disagree on some things, while moving forward to solve a case that gets stranger and stranger, and more dangerous, with every passing hour. Meanwhile, their growing attraction complicates things, especially when it comes down to one of the most basic building blocks of a lasting relationship; trust.

"When our expectations don't match with what happens, we complicate our lives to no end. Often blaming God, when He's not to blame. We simply need to realize that life is fluid. Always changing. So when God alters the course, we need to move on with Him . . . "

Enjoy this high-speed continuation of a very good series!

*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:

Want to play a game?
When research chemist Kiera Underwood receives a cryptic phone call about her twin brother, she tries to contact him to no avail. Her twin sense tingles, warning her that something is wrong. When he doesn't return her call and his supervisor at Oceanic Labs claims he didn't come into work, she heads to Cold Harbor. But when she arrives in town to find the door to her brother's house ajar, she races to the lab to question his fellow employees. 

Solve the puzzle and save your brother…

Kiera's terrified when an attempt is made on her life. Then Blackwell Tactical operative Cooper Ashcroft delivers her second shock of the day. Someone stole a deadly biotoxin. The main suspect? Her brother-and Blackwell Tactical has been hired to bring him in. If that wasn't distressing enough, she's suspected of colluding with him. She had nothing to do with the theft or murder, and despite the evidence staring her in the face, she knows that her brother is innocent of all charges. She sets out to prove it, putting her in the crosshairs of the killer. As Coop tries to protect her as well as solve the crime, he grapples with the possibility she's telling the truth and someone has likely abducted her brother-perhaps killed him. Now Kiera's life is in serious danger and Coop must protect her while discovering the cold truth behind the theft.


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