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LIGHTHOUSE LANE SERIES by Irene Hannon, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

Rebecca purchased and read all four of Irene Hannon's Encore Editions of this Lighthouse Lane series. Here are her reviews!

"Half an hour ago, he didn't know the woman existed. Yet in the course of one brief conversation, she'd managed to rouse a boatload of emotions in him - most of which were best left undisturbed."

Katherine MacDonald was feisty, Nantucket Coast Guard Lieutenant Craig Cole could certainly credit her with dogged determination . . . but it was the sudden bolt of attraction that hounded him long after her tirade about a frivolous citation (her opinion, not his) landed on his desk. He could handle the black and white rules of regulations, but a beautiful woman? . . . he had better steer that particular ship to a safer harbor . . . except that . . .

. . . they seemed to keep running into each other. Katherine managed to teach part-time, own and maintain and captain her own charter fishing boat, take good care of her four year old daughter, and who knew what else? Thankfully she was as guarded about personal relationships as Craig . . . or as he was trying to be.

This light, easy-to-read story is as delightful as you would expect it to be!

"As best as he could calculate, his foray into the world of afternoon tea had cost him close to two dollars a bite."

Arriving in Nantucket with an appetite, Justin Clay was pleased to see that the house beside his small rental appeared to be a restaurant. Well it was, and then again it wasn't. Filled to the brim with women enjoying fancy finger sandwiches and tiny dessert bites, the most memorable thing about the experience(before he headed to a local burger joint for some real food) was meeting the lovely Heather Anderson, the tea room (so, that was what it was called) owner.

Shaking hands with the handsome Chicago police detective had given Heather a jolt . . . of . . . dare she define it as attraction? This was the man her neighbor had mentioned being in their cottage for the next three months? As if the day time introduction wasn't enough to give her heartbeat an uptick, then their unexpected evening investigation into a suspicious rattle in her back yard, trash cans, and feral cats would seal the deal. Heather had no way of knowing that God had sent the very person whom she would need the most . . . right next door.

What a delightful community of characters whose lives intersect across the backyards of life!

"All bitterness, fury, anger, shouting and reviling must be removed from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another as God has forgiven you in Christ." Ephesians 4:31,32


"The woman was crying . . . And as he'd learned to his regret, crying women were a disaster waiting to happen."

Dr. Christopher Morgan had not meant to stare, but the gorgeous woman crying alone at her table in the Nantucket eatery was hard to ignore. What were the chances of ever seeing her again? Slim to none, so in spite of his compassionate nature, Chris chose not to intervene. Imagine his surprise when an entirely different set of circumstances brought them face to face . . . in fact, very face to face.

Marci Clay is thankful for a respite from her years of studying hard and working even harder. She finally has her masters degree in social work, and before having to decide what to do next, she has the opportunity to stay in Nantucket for six weeks, courtesy of her older brother J. C. When a very sore throat and an always-means-well neighbor put her in close proximity with Dr. Christopher Morgan, Marci's well constructed emotional walls automatically rise to the occasion. Why start something that will be impossible to finish?

The sweetest of stories! You cannot help but love Marci, Chris, Chris' elderly confidante and mentor- neighbor Henry, and yes, even Edith . . . doing what Edith does best . . . combined with God's gentle Spirit drawing Marci unto Himself . . . and giving Chris an opportunity to demonstrate grace.

"Sometimes providence steps in where we fear to tread."

Is that what had just happened? Did Nathan Clay's appearance in Catherine Walker's life mean that God was re-directing her fears, gently forcing her focus towards the future rather than allowing her to remain glued to the past? Would it be an easy transition? Absolutely not.

Having been incarcerated for ten years, Nathan Clay has recently been granted his freedom and is ready to begin a new life in a new place; thankfully, his brother and sister are supporting his efforts by providing him with a three month stay in Nantucket. Using his carpentry skills to help Catherine Walker begin her own re-start on the island, Nathan never expected to feel such an intense attraction to the beautiful widow and her precocious six year old son. Unfortunately, his dark shadows align a little too closely with Catherine's deepest trauma, producing the potential for a whole lot of heartache.

"There are a lot of ways to be in prison that don't involve metal bars."

Another fabulous story from an author who has an uncanny ability to write light, enjoyable reads with exceptional depth . . . the pages virtually turned themselves. 

Buy the series or single books at Amazon: (digital ebooks or paperbacks) here.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful reviews of my newly reissued Lighthouse Lane series. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to charming Nantucket!


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