Friday, July 21, 2023

TO CALM A STORM by Heather Day Gilbert and Jen Cudmore, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney


"Vikarr the Storm Chaser, a man who protects what belongs to him. May his courage never fail as he faces every storm that dares to blow over him."

" . . . Vikarr  . . . her intended . . . " Kadhrin Finnleik's heart swelled with admiration for the man who had kept his promise to marry her, even after her extended absence. Kadhrin's high hopes for Tavland's future and the part that she might be able to play as the wife of a nobleman gave her great optimism for the days ahead. Yet the kingdom hangs precariously on the hinges of King Eadric, whose subjects see him as weak and unprepared to be their leader, deferring many major decisions to his cousin, Vikarr.

Rushing to please her new husband, Kadhrin makes a few unintentional missteps, while Vikarr seems to prioritize everything and everyone else ahead of his wife. Newlywed passions are not a substitute for miscommunications; and in spite of Kadhrin's headstrong ideas and opinions, she battles despondency. While Vikarr honestly attempts to make amends, undeniable loyalty to his king amidst disturbing threats places his life, and the life of his beautiful wife, in jeopardy.

An interesting look back in time, when warriors fought valiantly and the women who loved them rose to their defense, "for such a time as this".
*I received a copy of this book from the author, the opinions stated above are entirely my own. 

BackCover Blurb:
Get swept up in an enthralling saga featuring women who rule the hearts of Viking men.

For years, Kadhrin has anticipated marrying her betrothed, Vikarr, who is now second in command only to the king. As she settles into married life, she becomes increasingly convinced that her husband would make a far better ruler than his distracted cousin, and she urges him to heed advisors calling for an overthrow.

Vikarr is honored to marry such a noble bride, but he hasn't bargained for Kadhrin's boldness. Although pleased by the growing passion between them, he struggles to understand her motivations. As rumors of an insurrection build, Vikarr is torn between the captivating woman who has laid claim to his heart, his loyalty to his king, and his growing desire to seize the kingship so he can unify his country against looming threats.

Caught up in a web of political intrigue and personal betrayal, Kadhrin and Vikarr must choose not only which war to wage, but also which side to stand on, even if it means sacrificing everything they hold dear.

Written by award-winning author Heather Day Gilbert and fresh voice Jen Cudmore, this thrilling Viking-era historical is the second novel in the Tavland Vikings series.
Woodhaven Press, June, 2023
Available in digital ebook and paperback at Amazon


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