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CHRISTMAS BELLS AND WEDDING VOWS Collection, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

Christmas Bells and Wedding Vows: 
A Marriage of Convenience Anthology

from Jody Hedlund, Lacy Williams, and Misty M. Beller

"She had to get remarried. And the sooner, the better." - Claiming the Cowgirl, Jody Hedlund

Serena Taylor has a list of prospective husbands, and one by one (unknown to them) they were being interviewed. When a new potential bridegroom comes across her path, she manages to snag his attention, after all what western gentleman would pass up a chance to aid a young widow with a darling son? Yes, Mr. Weston Oakley would do just fine . . . whether he knew it yet or not.


"'I was supposed to meet the new nurse in my employ. Miss Plum . . . And I gather that you are not her.'"- Doctor's Snowflake Bride, Lacy Williams

No, she was not the new nurse, Minnie Bannister was someone altogether different, a mail-order bride without a groom on a snowy evening in Bear Creek, Wyoming. It was obvious there would not be a wedding on this winter night, and while it seemed that the handsome Doctor Dawson didn't know exactly what to do with her . . . a terrible accident made the decision for them . . . Jed needed Minnie. For just how long? (still to be determined)  . . .

"Marry . . . my . . . daughter . . . please. Make her . . . your wife. Take her . . . to live . . . in safety." - Marrying the Mountain Man's Best Friend, Misty Beller

A dying friend's last wish; protection for his beloved daughter. Two Stones, a man betwixt and between two worlds wasn't at all sure that marrying Heidi was the only option, but he had made a promise and it was a promise that he would keep. Virginia City was certainly not a safe place for a lovely young woman, but what could he offer her in its place?

Three entirely different but equally enjoyable stories! I purchased this book but was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
From bestselling and award winning authors, experience Christmas on the rugged western frontier with three novellas filled with unforgettable adventures, enduring romance, and the timeless message of hope found in the Savior’s birth.

Claiming the Cowgirl by Jody Hedlund
Serena Taylor is hiding in Colorado’s high country to keep her son safe, and she knows the best way to protect him is by marrying again and giving him a father. Weston Oakley needs a wife by Christmas to placate his meddling family, but after being spurned one too many times in love, he’s reluctant to give his heart away again. When they agree on a marriage of convenience, both of them get much more than they bargained for.

Doctor's Snowflake Bride by Lacy Williams
Minnie steps off the train ready to become a mail-order bride, but she finds the well-dressed man waiting for her isn't her intended husband. The protective oath Jed took when he became a doctor doesn't cover stranded women, but he can't leave the beautiful stranger alone in a building blizzard two days before Christmas. When circumstances force them into close proximity, Jed and Minnie find that their growing feelings aren't convenient at all.

Marrying the Mountain Man’s Best Friend by Misty M. Beller
Two Stones, a Salish warrior accustomed to navigating between tribes and miners, unexpectedly finds himself summoned to the side of a dying friend in Virginia City. Sworn to honor the miner’s last wish, Two Stones agrees to marry his daughter, Heidi, but plans to take her to live with his parents. He’ll provide all her needs, make sure she’s safe, and visit her on occasion when his path leads him that direction. As they set out on the journey, their path is fraught with challenges that defy Two Stones' plans and reveal a surprising depth to Heidi's character. As they near the end of their trail and join the Christmas festivities at the Coulter Ranch, Two Stones begins to realize this inconvenient marriage might really be a Christmas gift he’ll always treasure.

September, 2023

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