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HEROES IN THE CROSSFIRE Collection, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

Four Romantic Suspense Novellas
by Authors Lynn H. Blackburn, Lynette Eason, 
Elizabeth Goddard, and Lisa Harris

"It was Charles. She'd successfully avoided seeing him for weeks. Not because she didn't want to see him. Because she wanted to see him too much." - Out of Time, Lynn H. Blackburn

A nicely paced package of sweet romance and intense drama, merging the demands of trying to solve a murder, find missing children, and restoring a relationship. Hope and Charles are wonderful characters whom fans will love having all to themselves.
"'Stay out of this hospital', the voice whispered. 'Or die. This is your last warning.'" - Code Trauma, Lynette Eason

A series of bizarre notes led flight nurse practitioner Holly Cooper to suspect that she had a stalker, but the threats were escalating to the point that she felt seriously threatened. Holly wished that the one person who made her feel safe was still close by, but he wasn't . . . Detective Andy McKittrick had asked for a "pause" in their relationship . . . whatever that meant, it was terrible timing.
"I don't know why I was in the cave. I don't know where home is. I don't know if my name is really Angie." - Dawn's Hidden Threat, Elizabeth Goddard

Surviving a fall off the side of an Alaskan slope, Angie Harris is left with a head injury and very little memory. The man who finds her is shocked to realize that he knows her, rather well actually, but she has no recollection of their prior relationship. As Angie slowly regains bits and pieces of herself, the reason for her being anywhere near Ridge Ledger becomes clear . . . DANGER AHEAD!!!
"How had this happened?" - Point Blank, Lisa Harris

During a routine training exercise, a member of Nikki Boyd's Tennessee Missing Person's Task Force team is actually killed. Unraveling the rather bizarre elements of the case not only consume a lot of Nikki's attention but their training leader, US Marshal Jonas Quinn, and the newest member of the team, Madison James spend some unexpected time together. A well-written thriller using only a small number of pages! 
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 
BackCover Blurb:
Four Romantic Suspense Novellas by award-winning, bestselling authors.

Out of Time by Lynn Blackburn

An attorney in Raleigh, NC, Hope Malone has never let her wheelchair stop her from reaching her goals. She’s established a successful business law practice and enjoys the occasional pro bono work. But when a long-lost friend reaches out for help, Hope finds herself dragged into a world of organized crime, kidnapping, and murder— and right back in the path of the one man she’s determined to avoid, FBI Special Agent Charles Romero.

Just days away from arresting the notorious crime boss, Charles never expects Hope— the woman who ghosted him seven weeks ago— to show up at a crime scene and nearly destroy his entire case. If he wants to convince her to give them another chance, he’ll first have to keep her from sacrificing her life to save two innocent ones.

Code Trauma by Lynette Eason

Flight Nurse Practitioner, Holly Cooper, has an enemy who wants her gone from the hospital one way or another. She and her fiancé, Detective Andy McKittrick are “taking a break”, and a patient has died under mysterious circumstances. Life is complicated at the moment so when she’s attacked, her friends—and “on hold” fiancé come to the rescue. Andy may have his issues, but he’s never stopped loving Holly. When he hears someone is out to get her, he races to her side. Can they find a killer before the killer succeeds in sending Holly six feet under?
Dawn's Hidden Threat by Elizabeth Goddard

An Unexpected Search and Rescue uncovers a hidden threat. When Ridge Ledger’s SAR and avalanche dog discovers an injured woman, Ridge is surprised that she’s the woman who broke his heart two months ago---in California. Not Alaska. He doesn’t know why she’s not still in the Lower 48, and he’s caught off guard when she attacks him as if fighting for her life. He’s shocked to learn the woman he loved has forgotten him. Angie Harris—is that even her name? —can’t recall who she is. She doesn’t know whom to trust, except for the man who rescued her from a cold dark cave and a grizzly bear. But she can’t forget the face of the man who tried to kill her. Remembering the reason that she came to Alaska is vital to her survival, and as it turns out, Ridge’s survival too.

Point Blank by Lisa Harris

From USA Today Best-selling author, Lisa Harris, comes a novella that brings together fan-favorite characters from two of her series—Nikki Boyd, her husband Tyler, and Jack Spencer from her best-selling Nikki Boyd Files Series, and Madison James and Jonas Quinn from her more recent US Marshal Series. When one of Nikki’s teammates is killed during a routine training exercise at a shoot house, deadly secrets are revealed as evidence of murder surfaces. Now, the remaining team is caught up in a highly personal case that pulls them into a tangled web of deception as they race to find a killer.

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