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KNOCKOUT and COLLATERAL by Lisa Phillips, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney (Benson First Responders Series)


"Woman, you're about to get yourself killed."

Clare Juarez was inclined to agree, after all the man had a gun in his hand and it was pointed directly at her, "was today the day she could give her life for an innocent victim? Finally wipe the slate clean." The Vanguard CEO had arrived at the bank to consult with security about this exact kind of scenario, inadvertently walking into a bank robbery. And wouldn't you know . . . SWAT Lieutenant Gage Deluca's team had responded to the call. Clare's past was about to intersect with her present, if she lived long enough to feel the collision.

"We'll just have to figure out how to work together without actually working together." So that was how this was going to go down? Gage didn't have much time to rehash their shattered past at the moment, but he was impressed with the woman that Clare had become. Under normal circumstances, she was the kind of woman that he would love to know better, but presently they were having trouble finishing a conversation without an argument. Gage's newfound faith was teaching him how to have patience, but seeing Clare again . . . wow, what a test!

This fast paced, multi-layered plot is amazing in and of itself, however it's the overriding personal dynamics between Gage and Clare that I will remember with fondness. Witnessing Clare's spiritual journey towards wholeness while Gage continually demonstrates self-control coupled with compassion, makes this addition to the series stand out as pretty special.
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.


KNOCKOUT  - Book #5
"Sure, she might be outnumbered, but life constantly lay on a blade edge from death. The tipping point was what counted, and all she had to do was push it in her favor."

Why was she in his town? SWAT Sergeant Liam O'Connell is not thrilled to discover that Roxie Helton is now employed by Vanguard and working for the Cold Case Department . . . specifically, the cold case surrounding his father's death. Their relationship in the Marines had ended badly, but from the looks of the scar scarcely marring Roxie's pretty face, her next step had ended a lot worse. It doesn't take long for Liam to realize that Roxie's secrets run deep and unfortunately one of them has followed her to Benson.

As Liam tries to apprehend members of a dangerous crime family while at the same time trying to keep Roxie safe, the facts begin to indicate that their cases could criss-cross in the most dangerous way possible . . . life or death, leaving Roxie to wonder . . . was trusting God her best option?

"She had nothing else. No way out. No weapons. No back-up. No team. No gear. . . Now it was just God."

A thrilling episode in the author's "Benson First Responders" series.
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars

BackCover Blurb for Collateral:

A crew of dangerous criminals.
Vanguard CEO Clare Juarez wants a Benson PD contract for her company. When the police commissioner hands her the case file for a rash of local armed robberies, she puts her people to work…and lands right in the middle of a hostage situation. She needs to take care of her fallen friend’s daughter, because safeguarding Selena is her chance to make amends for what happened during her time in the army. But solving this case might give her everything she wants, and repair her painful history.

A SWAT team that’s falling apart.
Lieutenant Gage Deluca has no family, just SWAT. But the brotherhood is coming apart at the seams and he’s got to hold it together. When they’re ordered to work with Vanguard, Gage has to contend with the woman who left him years ago—taking a secret with her. Those days of teenage romance might be behind the years they’ve lived since, and the lives they’ve built. But can they chance opening the wound long enough to trust God to heal everything?

Working together to identify this dangerous crew, Clare and Gage have to confront their past—and the love they never let go of. Love that might set them free.

Each Benson First Responders book is a stand-alone Christian Romantic Suspense.

BackCover Blurb for


A woman on the run.

Roxie Helton crawled away bleeding from the wreck of her life. Now she's finally found a new start, the ghost of that tragedy won't leave her alone. She tried Search and Rescue, now she's trying the Cold Case Department and Vanguard. When she's assigned the case that killed a cop years ago, she gets more than she bargained for and it almost seems like her ex isn't quite as dead as everyone thinks. Can she trust the man she thought she had to give up?

A cop fighting for family.

SWAT Sergeant Liam O'Connell came home from the Marines and followed his father's footsteps into the Benson PD. As much as he might want to ignore it, the case that killed his father has never been left to rest. But if what he was told is true, solving it will ruin his father's legacy. Then again it could also save lives, take down a dangerous Russian family, and give him back the woman he lost.

When their worlds collide, loved ones are caught up in the calamity. Everyone they care about is a target and Roxie and Liam must fight together to survive.

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