Sunday, January 7, 2024

THE DEAD OF NIGHT (True Crime Junkies #4) by Christy Barritt, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"If you want answers to your past, come to Salmon-by-the-Sea."

And . . . let's pivot, turn your attention in a different direction . . . because that's exactly what happens in this fourth installment of the "True Crime Junkies" series. Up until now, Andi and Duke have been the primary characters, but in this just-as-creepy-eerie story, Mariella Boucher takes center stage as she and her twin brother travel to the small fishing community, aptly named Salmon-by-the-Sea, on the pretense of acquiring footage for their travel podcast, but Mariella has another reason . . . to find the person who sent her the email about her past.

Upon arrival, Marriella nearly becomes the victim of an accidental drowning, only to be rescued by a handsome stranger with a shady past . . . which manages to get shadier when a young woman disappears from a local campground in the exact same manner as Jason Somersby's girlfriend had vanished five years earlier. Something very strange was happening in this bay side town and someone wanted every finger pointed towards Jason . . . again. It's time to call in reinforcements . . . fellow members of the Arctic Circle Murder Club.

As the Club works towards proving Jason's innocence (which Mariella is convinced of) or guilt, Mariella gets the feeling that she is being watched . . . but, why? Predictably there are multiple moving parts in this story (would you expect anything less??), and Mariella's opinion on the power of prayer takes a gigantic leap towards faith during the process.

"Sometimes prayer doesn't change a situation. Sometimes prayer will change us and how we handle the situation."

Another great story with characters who are becoming familiar favorites.
*I purchased this book and had no obligation to provide a positive review.  3.5 stars 
BackCover Blurb:
A woman disappears in the dead of night as a haunting crime from the past comes to life again.

When a mysterious email leads true crime podcaster Mariella Boucher to southeast Alaska on a quest for the truth about her past, she never expects to plunge headfirst into danger. But when a stranger with a troubled history saves her life, she’s drawn into a five-year-old cold case that leaves her chilled to the bone.

Jason Somersby has been living in the shadow of suspicion ever since his girlfriend was murdered five years ago. When another woman disappears under similar circumstances, everyone in town looks at him with accusation—and to demand answers he doesn’t have.

Mariella brings in the other members of the Arctic Circle Murder Club to help find the killer and clear Jason’s name. But the more the team digs, the shakier the ground becomes. When it becomes clear one of their own is the next target, they must scramble to stop the killer before he claims another victim. 
 River Heights Publishing, November, 2023

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