Monday, February 14, 2011

Party Time for Lisa and Gina!

Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Party in Inktropolis!

To ‘love on’ our Inky Sisters

Lisa Karon Richardson

and Gina Welborn

Congratulations on THE CALL!

Two of our beloved Inkwell Inspirations blog-mates

have recently signed their first contracts!

Gina Welborn == for a novella entitled SUGARPLUM HEARTS, part of the Highland Crossings Anthology coming from Barbour Publishing Jan. 2012

Lisa Karon Richardson == for a novella entitled IMPRESSED BY LOVE, part of the Colonial Crossings Anthology coming from Barbour Publishing May 2012

Grab a beverage from our waiter...

Grab some treats off the goodies tray...

(That Prayer Room Sign seems to

be pointing to Lisa's Brain!)

To help celebrate, we've invited some friends.

What's a party without some candy?


Help yourself to some chocolate!

We take this opportunity to thank our friends and followers for your support and encouragement!

And, we thank God for the blessings He's given us--opportunities to take this writing journey with such amazing friends.




  1. Yes, that really is Ryan Reynolds defending Gina's latte'.

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

    I think we may have pulled off a surprise party here...

  2. Wow, a double header!!!. Congratulations to you both. May your careers be long and your joy be full.

    And I have dibs on Watson!!!

    I have heard Gina's sale story, so we need to hear Lisa's as well.

  3. Hey Tina! Glad you stopped in. The regular coffee is ready but I'm no barista, so no fancy stuff yet. One of the boys is working on omelets, if you can trust them in the kitchen.

    Is it too early for a cupcake?

  4. OH dear, it's me again. I promise to disappear for awhile.

    Wanted to also remind you that our lovely Susanne Dietz is featured on

    Romance Writers on the Journey today, with Keli Gwyn.


    Mega congrats on the doubleheader (and yes, in February, the term double header MEANS spring training for Jeter and the boys of summer in Ruthy-world!!!) oh my stars, I'm so proud of both you guys!

    Yelling a rousing big YAY and I will be glad to act as barista-for-a-day at NO COST...

    Belly up to the counter, note the cranberry orange scones, the carrot cake, the cheese filled kuchen and the deeelightful array of petits four cakes, deliciously arrayed in shades of pink, red and white.

    And oh, yes.

    I'm totally in on Watson.

    Like oh my stars in.

    I consider it an investiture of the highest order, not EXACTLY like Sunday church but...

    Let's just say a notable spot on the Oh, My! list!

    Hugs to both girls and I'm stocking the coffee accoutrements as we speak.

    Well. Type.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!

  7. Wow. Super Congrats to you both, Gina and Lisa.

    How exciting.

    The Call. woo hoo woo hoo

    And a fine day to celebrate.

    Love all the goodies Debra. And eye candy. smile

    Have fun girls. Celibrate because you have only just begun.

    Sandra who is dancing and shouting with happiness.

  8. YOU GUYS!!! What a surprise. I really had no idea what you were up to!! Thank you all for the congraulations.

    Ruthy, the scones smell fabulous! But I will fight you and Tina both for Watson.

  9. I'll take one of the pink cupcakes, and Holmes please. Super mega congratulations, Lisa and Gina!

  10. What did I miss about Watson?

    Many congrats and much love ladies. You both deserve this. Enjoy your treats.

  11. Praise GOD!!! May He blossom y'all's careers and help you to write His stories, one by one.

  12. Yeehaw!!! So happy for you both, Lisa and Gina. I'm gonna happy dance south all the way to North Dakota today. Although I'll try to stand still so those border guards can match my mug up with my passport, then I'm dancin' again.

    So nice to see our Seekerville sisters here. Those scones are waking me up, Ruthy. yumm.

    When I was baking for the youth dessert auction Friday, I made a pan of my Chocolate Caramel Pecan Breakfast Buns for y'all to ponder over.

    Happy dance... happy dance...

    Anita Mae.

  13. This is terrific, Ladies! I really would like to see at least a brief description of "the call' from both of you.

    Hey, I'd even like a quick version of "the journey," or direct me to where you've shared this information elsewhere.

    Congratulations to you both!

  14. Chocolate caramel breakfast buns...

    To PONDER?????



    Either bring 'em or don't, cupcake. I'm hunting for them now and doing a tray of fresh latte's for the incoming.



    Pumpkin Spice (which should be available ALL YEAR EVERYWHERE.)

    So fun!

  15. Snoopy Dancin' with you ladies this Valentine's Day!

    WHOO HOOO and Congratulations!

    Thank your Lord for good writer buds and virtual fab food. Pass a latte and cupcake please! :)

    (MOVE Ruthy... Pretty Please? With sprinkles?)

  16. Cathy, my "call" came when I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I decided to check my e-mail, so I whipped out my phone and started going through the list. A HisWriters friend had just gotten a request for a full so there were tons of congratulatory messages and I was paging through those when I came to yet another one labeled "Congratulations."

    I was half way through it before I realized it was directed to me! The editor wanted to buy our collection! I started laughing and crying and praising and doing an awkward little seat dance all at the same time. I think the people in the cars around me thought I was having a seizure.

    As for the journey... I've been writing seriously for about 6 years. I had soooo much to learn. Partly because I came to writing with the attitude that a person either has talent or doesn't and you can't teach talent in a book.


    So once that prejudice was conquered I still had a lot of learning to do. Now I've got four and 1/2 completed manuscripts all of which have placed in contests. And you know God has a sense of humor because the novella sold on proposal and a single sample chapter. I still have to write the thing!!

  17. Anita, I've pondered enough! Pass 'em over! I'm not counting calories today it's a celebration--I've got my eye on a cupcake too.

  18. Yeah!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Such wonderful news! And boy, give that waiter a hug for me. Whew! :-)

    Love you both, and oh, so happy!!!

  19. Congrats Gina and Lisa:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to All!

    I know Gina from Seekerville and always enjoy her posts.

    But, how in the world can you wait until 2012! That’s longer than it takes to have a baby. There ought to be a law! : )


  20. YEEEEHAW! This is my kind of party, ladies!

    Celebrating friends signing contracts. Enjoying a pumpkin spice latte (I'm with you, Ruth. Should be on the menu all year long.) Nibbling on cupcakes served by Ewan McGregor.

    Awesome day!

    Congrats again, Lisa and Gina. You two are gifted, dedicated writers and you deserve this. Enjoy every minute!

    Deb, awesome job with the post. I love all the fab photos.

    And thanks for mentioning my interview today on Romance Writers on the Journey! here's the link:

    There's Starbucks involved for one winner, although it doesn't come with Deb's waitstaff. Sorry about that.

    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

  21. Congratulations to both of you!!! I always love celebrating with writers who have stuck with this crazy road long enough to see the rewards. You're an inspiration to the rest of us! Enjoy some extra (guilt free) chocolate to celebrate! :-)

  22. when do you suppose Queen Cleopatra will join us? I'm going to order more cupcakes. It's hard enough to turn them down without Ewan MacGregor serving them.

    It's always so much fun to have visitors!

    Thanks Ruthy and Sandra. We could never rival the food over in Seekerville so we just do what we can.

    Sheila, this party has really made Valentine's Day much brighter for the singles here. Thank you!

  23. There's a lot of dancing going on, and someone keeps playing 70s music. Oh, I guess that's me or Patti?

    Thanks K.C!! More carbs are on order. Today is not the easiest day to avoid them.

    Vince, I know what you mean about the wait, but I guess it's helpful to have that much time and another story or two 'coming down the pike'. I think you'll be seeing some great Barbour Anthologies!

    Hi Leigh, thanks for stopping by!

    (okay, this is me, moping...back to work)

  24. YUMMY. No, no virtual cupcakes or chocolate, I'm stealing the latte-guarding dude and tucking him in my "heroic inspirations" folder.

    Gina & Lisa, SOOOOOOO proud of you and happy for you both!

    BTW Lisa, what a treat to pop in today and discover our springy new blog decor!

    Deb, you throw a fabulous party, my dear! : )

  25. Does Deb know how to throw a party or what??? Great job! Oh, and I'd like some "candy" please... Ewan is so yummy ;+}

    Love that pic you found of Lisa and her prayer-room-brain. Fabulous!

    We are all soooo proud of you, Gina & Lisa! This is just the beginning of big things for you both. Go ladies, go!

  26. What a chore to find photos for this post. My eyes hurt.

  27. CONGRATULATIONS LISA AND GINA! I'm thrilled for both of you. What a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day.
    Happy Hearts and Hugs to you both.

    And to my other Inkie pals I hope you are having a fantastically fun day.

  28. Deb, I'm really not sure how to take that comment after Jen mentioned the pictures of me!! ;o) I will choose to believe that you were referring to the search for wait staff. All that good-lookingness was bound to dazzle the eyes!

    Thank you again to everyone for the good wishes. I feel bad for poor Cleo. She's missing the party!

  29. Sorry for missing most of the party. Call me considerate for not sharing my cold with y'all.

    *cough cough*

    Poor hubby took me to Outback yesterday to celebrate Valentine's D. I coughed mosted of our conversation.

    Thanks for the congrats, Ladies!

    I'm honored to be writing with Laurie Alice, Pamela, and Jennifer. And that Lisa sold a novella too just thrills me sole...soal...soul. My head feels all qoozy. I mean woozy.

    Yes, I'm foxed on cold medicine.

    Oh, I was wondering why all the man-candy didn't include Ryan. Sweet shot of him defending my latte.

    Must go make dinner while managing not to infect the rest of the family.



  30. Ok, I'm back from the states. Beautiful day! Saw a coyote running across a frozen slough as soon as I crossed the border. But the last 15 mins home was on a greasy gravel road. Yuck!

    Ruthy - I meant for you to ponder what you'd like to eat since there was so much. And I left the chocolate caramel pecan breakfast buns behind. If you didn't see them, then look to someone else because they were there when I left!

    Alright everyone, hands out! Gonna do a finger check for sticky bun sauce...

    Where's Gina? Golly - do you think she's writing? LOL

    Anita Mae.

  31. Lisa, I'm just saying I had to go through a lot of photos of Ryan Reynolds to find the right one. He seems to dislike wearing shirts... but I'm happy with the one I found!

    Well, Gina, gosh, what a shame. I hope you feel better, because we're having a good time at your party and don't have any plans to go home.

    A big hug to Sandi Rog - great to see you here! Take some treats home for your darlings!

    Anita, glad you made a run to the border...and back.
    I'm trying to figure out who stole my Spring weather and sent gale force winds full of snow and sleet...Alberta, was that you?

  32. I'm late chiming in, but wish you all the best Gina and Lisa, in writing your books! Wish I could be more clever, but the effects of nitrous oxide are wearing off leaving me with a dull head ache.... who schedules dental appts. on Valentines Day??? Huh??? Who?

    Have a cupcake for me!!

  33. ooooh, sorry to hear about your appt. today, Cheryl. I hope you get some pampering tonight and sympathy.

    I can't look at another cupcake, myself!

  34. Congratulations, Gina and Lisa! How exciting! Gina, I read a little bit about yours on the Publishers Market email and it sounds really great! Just had the novella with Laurie Alice, Joan, Pamela submitted last week and praying I have similar results. Blessings and happiness!

  35. Thanks for stopping in Carrie! Best wishes for your anthology. Yay!

  36. Congratulations to both of you Lisa and Gina! What lot of celebrating here today and I can see all the love all around!!!

    Lisa, I'm so proud of you and so privilege that you joined our team of writers for Colonial Courtships. Your novella is going to be wonderful! And I agree with you, the Lord sure does have a sense of humor. I have several manuscripts done, but I sold both my books on proposal! The first one is done and we'll have to keep each other encouraged as we write our novellas. I'm so happy for you!

  37. Thanks, Carla! I feel so blessed to have been included in such a talented group of authors. My novella is at 25% complete. I'll have it done in a month or so. And then have plenty of time for revisions.

    Carrie praying for your anthology as well!

    Cheryl if it makes you feel any better I had to take my son to the eye doctor today. Not as bad as the dentist, but you know. It's something.

  38. Great job, Lisa! When you're ready just send it my way and I'll be happy to look at it.

    I'm praying for Carrie, too!

  39. Looks like I missed the party. Sorry, got called to another one, but no cute wait staff, just me for the entertainment.

    I'm utterly thrilled for /gina and Lisa and am so happy that I will be working with two such talented ladies on these collections.

  40. Well, I will admit, Laurie Alice, that the hubbub has died down. Gina had the sniffles, and being such good girls, the party closed and everyone was either fast asleep or working on a manuscript by 9pm...

    We are all looking forward to Barbour's new crop of anthologies!

    By the way, I went to the bookstore an hour away on Sunday just for your book and they were sold out. Good for you, bad for me.
    I've been trying to stay away from Amazon... I don't know how much longer I can hold out.


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