Friday, April 1, 2011

An Exclusive Peek at Mary Connealy’s Upcoming Release!

We at Inkwell Inspirations are honored that inspirational romance author Mary Connealy has allowed us an exclusive look at her exciting breakthrough into paranormal historical romance, LASSO THE MOON.

Her newest novel sure has everyone at the Inkwell buzzing. Gina says, "The book spellbound me from from first line and kept me entranced through the litterly unexpected epilogue." We're quite certain Mary's latest plot will inspire lots of questions, and she's agreed to stop in throughout the day. Be sure to leave your comments and questions, because we'll be giving away one of her books.

Constance McKinney is a compassionate doctor and skilled surgeon. But since town folk would rather travel forty miles by buggy than trust “that pretty, little woman doctor,” no one will ever find out. The only thing keeping her in town is her romance with the dashing new minister. But when that relationship sours, Constance jumps at an opportunity to practice in an area that truly needs her—Silver Knife, a dangerous mining camp miles from civilization.

Reclusive rancher Les Masterson is opposed to the mine and all the trappings of civilization that come with it. He prefers living off the land and spending time with his cattle instead of with people.

When Les is attacked and left for dead, Constance is called on to care for him. But while treating the fever and delirium caused by an infected bullet wound, she learns there’s more to this rugged loner than meets the eye. Les was once an attorney with a lucrative law practice in New York City.

What dark secret could have driven him away from the life he knew? And who is trying to kill him?

Les is attracted to the beautiful doctor, and longs for the kind of love and grace she talks about as she tends his wounds. Can there really be grace for someone like him? He knows attraction isn't enough to sustain a relationship with Constance. Not when he's keeping the darkest of all secrets.

Knowing the vigilantes who attacked him could return any day with their guns and deadly silver bullets, Les tries to push Constance away.

Determined to show him she can love him in spite of whatever he's hiding, Constance refuses to go.

Les is torn between running away to spare her from discovering the beast inside him, and testing her faith when the moon grows full.

I haven’t read much in the realm of paranormal fiction, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Mary’s timeless tale about the transforming power of redemption and its ability to reach all — regardless of where their past paths have taken them — really touched my heart.

What will happen after the next full moon? You’ll to have to read the book to find out!

Be sure to leave a comment along with your email address to be considered for the book give-away.

Mary Connealy writes romantic comedy with cowboys. She is the author of the Lassoed in Texas series, Petticoat Ranch, the Christy Award nominated Calico Canyon and Gingham Mountain. The Montana Marriages series, Carol Award Finalist Montana Rose, The Husband Tree and Wildflower Bride. A stand alone romantic comedy with cowboys, Cowboy Christmas which won the 2010 Carol Award for Long Historical Romance. A new series with ties to both of the old ones, Doctor in Petticoats, Wrangler in Petticoats and Sharpshooter in Petticoats.


  1. MARY!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to be the first on the block to announce this! It's quite an honor and we're really looking forward to hearing what your fans think of this!

    If any of you are joining us for the first time today, WELCOME!!

  2. Everything Mary writes keeps me glued to the book until the very last page, but this one sounds like the best one yet! What an exciting storyline!I am setting a whole day aside to do nothing but read this one...thanks Mary for giving us more of your unique style to tickle our brain cells!

  3. Wow, Mary this one sounds like a hoot--or rather--a howl! Just can't wait!

  4. It sounds like a really compelling story. Though I'm not sure about the full moon or paranormal stuff. The rest of the plot sounds good enough that I might give it a try.

  5. All of Mary's books have been great and this sounds like another great one. Please enter me!


  6. Mary, is this for real? I haven't heard about this book! It sounds awesome, and I'm not into paranormal at all. I definitely want to read it. If you wrote it, it has to be good!

  7. I'm intrigued! Thanks for entering me.

    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  8. Mary, I can't wait to read your new book! Best of luck to you!

  9. good morning.


  10. Also, I need to turn off the cap lock

  11. With Leanna Ellis's amish-vampire book coming out this fall, and now your paranormal book, I'm thinking I want to dabble into the paranormal a bit.

    Amish and Dragons?

    Cowboys and Dragons?

    Scotsmen and Dragons?

  12. I agree with Melanie - if it's from Mary, it's going to be worth the read.

    Mary said - 'how can I tap into that major Twilight money' Now that's a good reason if I ever heard one. LOL

    Barb - you may be a new Inky, but your posts are doing us proud. Great scoop!

    Anita Mae

  13. I've got a clue.

    That uh this won't be on my list. Not big into the paranormal thing.


    That's it ;).

    Even if it is Mary-fic... =D

    I'll take one of the other books though.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  14. I'm not much into paranormal, however if it's a Mary book and she weaves the truth of Jesus in there, surely it will be good. I look forward to reading it. :)

  15. I'm anxious to see how your trademark witty dialogue and humor works itself in this subject. More biting comments? Howling laughter?

  16. Well, Debra, where is there a greater chance poasible for great romantic comedy than in a blood sucking wolfman?

    It's a natural.

    I'm amazed I'm first.

  17. Hi, Mary. Interesting concept. This sounds like a Narnia-inspired fantasy but set in the old west. Kind of a C.S. Lewis meets Louis L'Amour. I can see it tapping into the fantasy market that seems so popular with teenagers in right now (including mine).

    Looking forward to reading the book.

  18. I'm mad at y'all. And yes, y'all is plural. Always.

  19. Mary, thanks so much for visiting the Inkwell! We're honored that you'd share your amazing new release with us.

    I'm such a fan of yours, but I confess that there's something about this paranormal story that is so compelling. It's got bite, that's for sure.

    Kathy, CarolM, Pegg, Salena, Jo, Melanie, Cheri and Naomi! Thanks for coming by! Remember if you want to enter the drawing for one of Mary's books but forgot to leave your email address, please be sure to leave another comment.

  20. Oh, Deb. "More biting comments? Howling laughter?"

    Ugh! Seriously?

  21. It's impossible to grow if you shut the door on new writing and reading opportunities.

    Mary, I don't read paranormal either but I am DYING to give this one a try. I have found some of my favorite authors this way.

    I don't read historical either and I love yours.

    So never say never!!!!!

  22. Wow!! Sounds like such a great book! I can't even imagine how it's going to go! I love Mary's books, they are just great, so I know the story will be wonderful!

    Thanks for a chance to win!


  23. LOL at some of y'all's witty, clever comments! :) (the y'all's was for Melanie!)

    I actually do read some paranormal, so I'm really intrigued! And if Mary did it, I know it'll be done well.

    Woo hoo! I'm so glad this book is finally coming out!

  24. Hey, Missy, I'm just curious. You said you're glad the book is finally coming out. Does that mean you knew about the book? I was curious what prompted Mary to write it. Where did she come up with the very clever idea? I have more questions, but I'm on the ferry and the wind is tossing us around and suddenly I don't feel so well. It doesn't help that someone's car alarm is going off.

  25. What ferry? I love ferries. I rode the one to Whidbey Island once!

    Missy means that Mary tests all her book ideas out in Seekerville.

    She test shoots us, runs us over with stage coaches, has us bleed for timing purposes only. Once she even tied one of us (possibly Missy) to a horse and recorded the wind speed as it raced down a mountain.

    Mary does very accurate research for her books.

  26. CJ is right. This is Inspirational Steampunk!!

    Rocking a new genre Mares.

  27. Tina, it's the Whidbey ferry from there to Port Townsend. Then I'm driving to Sequim. It's a beautiful drive even in the rain.

    Thanks for the explanation about Mary testing her plots out on y'all. (Did I spell that right?)

  28. Interesting points, Suzie and Tina. Mary (if you're still here) I'm wondering how one researches for a werewolf book. Popular movie and book tales can can vary so much from old legends.

    When you accurately research werewolves--where do you go for the information?


    When this one comes out, I think I'll jump right to the epilogue. Sounds like it will be a first for the CBA, but then we should always be ready to spread our wings.

    hmmm, Wings. It's got me thinking and I can see where this series could go next...

  30. LOL! Barb! What a great question. How did she research this?

  31. Barbara, Mary has the wildest imagination of anyone I know! That plus insomnia. A great mixup for fiction. :)

    Yes, Suzie, we hear the ideas in the early stages. And LOL, Tina!! Thankfully, I wasn't the one dragged behind her horse. ;)

  32. Mary, don't want to be rude, but excuse me while I chat with Suzy a minute. Port Townsend, where the movie Practical Magic was filmed.

    FIELD TRIP!!!!!!!!

  33. Mary lives in Nebraska. They have lots of paranaormal activity there.

    Crop Circles and Werewolves were invented in Nebraska.

  34. Yes, and part of it was filmed on Whidbey, too. Yes, a Seeker/Inky field trip/get together would be way fun!

  35. Time for IVARS!!!!

    Do you ever see Bob Mayer on the ferry?

    Okay, Mary, let's put the sequel to LASSO THE MOON on Whidbey Island. We'll meet Suzy there for research.

    What is the sequel to Lasso the Moon BTW?

  36. Mary's writing doesn't disappoint. I'm looking forward to this one. Hmmm...silver bullets.


  37. Well, Tina, since you mentioned sequels . . .

    When Mary mentioned a possible vampire in book 2, I thought about SQUARE-DANCE THE SUN.

    For book 3 with her ghost heroine, she could call it HERD THE MIST.

    Thanks, Mary, for giving us this exclusive peek!!!! I think you're my favorite author ever.

  38. Everyone loves Mary and her books! Can't wait to read this one!

    A Seeker/Inkwell field trip? Count me in.

  39. Another Mary Connealy fan here, I can't miss one of her books. Please add me!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  40. Ha! Love it Gina.

  41. Hi, I'm slow commenting today. I'm baby sitting. The kids are both asleep. Grand kids. And I don't have my glasses, thus the typos.
    And have you efver really thought about silver bullets? I mean the Biblical implications?

    It's such a natural story. My main struggle was finding a horse that would let a man ride it who might turn into a werewolf. I mean hello, natural emenies. Horse and wolf.
    And I wanted to treat the characters with intergrity, you know?
    So it was a struggle to honor the legends of both werewolf and western. At least I didn't make sparkling vampires.

    Hello, done to death.

    Oops, grandson aka 'Car Alarm' going off.

  42. Oh, I'm so relieved. Sparkling Vampires are so, well, let's face it. Very unreal. Pretty hokey in fact.

    What's the phrase? suspend belief? I do draw the line somewhere and sparkle is it.

  43. You know, there really is a disease where people look like Wolves. I saw it on a medical show. Of course it has nothing to do with the moon. Just some sort of hair growth disorder.

  44. Yeah, sparkling is way too passe. And besides werewolves are very anti-vampire. Of course, Mary is much more creative than that!

  45. I actually like sparkling vampires. It's the fangs that put me off. Eeks!

  46. I'm all for the sparkling vampires. It put me off less than the werewolves with their shorts tied to their legs so they could get dressed again "after."
    Hmmm... Steampunk Inspy. CJ, I think you're on to something.
    Can't wait for this book, Mary! : )

  47. Sounds delightful.

  48. Okay, everyone's been so nice all day, but is anyone else wondering what is up with that hat? Is it just me?

  49. I really admire a writer that has a comedic aspect to their voice. I wish I did. I've got to simply get my hands on your books; I keep hearing wonderful things about them.

  50. This book sounds even better than Doctor in Petticoats and I adore that book. I am absolutely hooked on Marys books and can't get enough. After reading her books I find it hard to return to my other fiction books. I am a fan for life and can't wait to read your other books. You rock Mary <3

  51. I'm glad it's a werewolf story. Vampires have always given me nightmares.

    I'd love to win one of Mary's books.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  52. Sounds like an amazing book!
    can't wait to read it!

  53. I love good fantasies. Just love 'em. And science fiction. I grew up on Ray Bradbury, his stories are a huge inspiration for me and I'm (shhh....) working on a series of Y/A inspirational novels about changelings and wolves and all kinds of cool stuff.

    I love good over evil. I love God's dominion and what he passed onto simple men and women, but when you look back in time, so many explainable things were unexplained AT THAT TIME....

    Why couldn't such things be happening around us, but our perspective isn't developed enough to get it? Kind of like opening the atom and finding gadzillion things inside... Amazing.

    But fantasy... sci fi... great story telling. And the fact that I've had the honor of seeing a bunch of Mary's things over the years... Oh my stars, wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

  54. Hmmmmm, April Fools, right?

    Too bad because Mary, I would totally read this. LOL.

  55. JOY! what? April Fools?
    Oh no.

    Would we do that to you?

    The fact is if it was a joke, we've all decided to run with the story line anyway. Given the general trend of comments, people either are really interested or just being polite. Hmmmm.

    A big thank you to Suzie Johnson and Barbara Early who knocked this one out of the ball park! What a hoot. I mean What a howl!

  56. I was sooo excited for a second there. Planning a blog post about it and everything. :)

  57. I'm generally interested in reading this book.

    So what do we need to do to convince Mary to write it in between her 80 million other contracts?

  58. Hey, I know... let's start a petition. Heh

  59. Yeah, I think we may have found an untapped market.
    And don't worry everyone we are still doing a give away! I'll randomly draw a name and post it tomorrow. Then contact the lucky winner and get their snail mail.

    Glad you figured it out Joy, we we're all huddled in our secret headquarters deep below Inktropolis trying to decide how to break the news.

  60. AWESOME! I was reading it thinking, "Huh? This sounds... different." Duh. Hello! April 1st! Now I can't stop laughing. Mary's comments are the best part...

  61. She sounded so literary when she talked about it. Ha ha.

  62. I believed it.

    Yes. You got me.

    I know Mary very well and you got me.

    Do you know how many subgenres of Inspies she has under her bed?

    I totally believed it.

    Good job ladies.

  63. I'm pretty sure Mary has actually started on this book today, so we may not be far off.

    We couldn't have done this without you Mary. Thanks for being a good sport!

    As Lisa said, we ARE doing a book giveaway. She'll be drawing a name and contacting the winner this weekend.


  64. I would totally read this book, so I hope it's not April Fools LOL but knowing Mary and her sense of humor... :-P

    XOXO~ Renee

  65. Oh wait so it has been confirmed that this was an April Fools thing? Awww man bummer. :-(

  66. PS Melanie Dickerson was on to us pretty early but no one seemed to take her seriously.

  67. Renee - your name still goes in the drawing for a book. Does that help. By now, we're all disappointed. I really want to know what happens to Les and Constance.

    Well, I just want to hear more werewolf humor actually.

  68. Aw, Tina, really? You totally fooled me. I thought you and Missy were in on the joke.

    It was such a fun day.

    Thank you so much, Mary, for helping us out with this. I totally loved your comment about cashing in on the Twilight money.

    And thank you, Lisa, for both the werewolf concept and the beautiful book cover.

  69. Hello everyone and APRIL FOOLS!!!!!

    I'm finally home. Wonderful day babysitting. Sucb a sweet job.

    I can see the cat is out of the bag. Or rather the werewolf is out of the man suit.

    I've never cared much for werewolves. They're hairy!!!

  70. Ha! I thought something was a little off there! I hope you're sticking to your guns, Mary, and staying with western romance.

  71. MARY AND GINA!!! HOLY COW, I was ready to ditch digest on the Seeker loop because I figured I definitely missed something wading through all the Seeker e-mails. Like Melanie, I was pretty shocked and even went to Amazon to check if it was real ... So you got me ... almost!!



  72. Julie, the idea for the April Fool's review came from Barb, Suzie, and Debra. Lisa started their storyline thinking with the werewolf/Beauty and the Beast premise. Oh, and she created the faux cover. They are the clever ones!!!

    My contribution was very very little. I asked Mary if she would play along. (Oh, the things she does for free publicity!)

    I would say my gratitude goes to Mary for participating, but I fear she might confuse gratitude with "Gina now owes me!"

    Of course, my oldest daughter is STILL bummed this isn't a real novel.

  73. And now, drum roll please..... The winner of the drawing is Diane Marie Shaw! I'll be in touch!

  74. HELLO GINA!!!

    You DO OWE ME. don't even kid yourself on that one.

  75. And if I had it to do over again, I'd insist on an amish bonnet on that cover. Not saying if the bonnet is for the woman or the werewolf.

  76. My eight-year-old son wants to write this book. When I asked if he had experienced true love yet, he decided he wasn't up to the challenge. I do see a werewolf story in his future, though.

  77. Well, there could be a version where Les says, Ewww Girls are yucky and Charolotte could just stay and do his laundry, pick up after him, cook and clean his house.

  78. Intriguing! You never stop surprising me, Mary! Sounds like another great book! I would love to enter the contest to win it!

  79. Hey Mary, thanks so much for playing along with us. The fact you didn't let the Seekers in on it is making me giddy. Kind of like when I was a kid and ran around in a sing-song voice, "I know a secet. Na-na-na-boo-boo." :D

    Barb, Suzie, Deb, Lisa & Gina - awesome work, Inkies. I'd be worried about your imaginations if we weren't sisters. :D

    CONGRATS DIANE MARIE! Hope you enjoy the book.

    Thanks for playing along everyone, whether voluntary or otherwise. Hahaha...

    Anita Mae.

  80. Hook, Line and you know what.

    Mary was stunned I was so gullible. In my defense I simply think Mary is capable of ANYTHING.

    That endorsement alone should have you VERY, VERY, WORRIED!!!

  81. Lasso the Moon is such a catchy title

    ABreading4fu [at] gmail [dot] com


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