Sunday, April 3, 2011

Free resort reservations for you, today!

by Niki Turner

photo by ishmattvia PhotoRee
I grew up in a "resort" community—a place where people went on vacation to rest, to relax, to leave their troubles behind as they swooshed down the ski slopes, hiked in the Rockies, or soaked away their stresses at the world's largest outdoor hot springs pool. While they visited, they laid aside their cares and worries, put off obligations and responsibilities, and gave spirit, soul, and body a few brief moments of uninterrupted peace and quiet.

To be honest, we learned to take rest and relaxation very much for granted because it was so easy to access.  It wasn't until we moved away that I realized how rare and valuable the "resort spirit" really is to the health and well-being of our spirits, souls, and bodies. Not living in constant vacation-mode, but finding our way to our "resort" in God.
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Too often, God is only mentioned with the word resort when we're talking about "our last resort." Last chances, needing a miracle, and utter desperation. But the very word "resort" is defined as a place (or person) to which people frequently or customarily go for help, for aid, and for satisfaction.

Can you imagine living in a resort? Living, for example, on the Love Boat (who didn't want to be Julie the cruise director?) or Fantasy Island? Whether your idea of the perfect resort is a luxurious ski lodge where you strap on your skis outside your front door and schuss off to the lift in the morning, and end the day soaking in a private hot tub, or a sprawling all-inclusive oceanfront hotel with turquoise waters and swaying palm trees, your Father God knows exactly what you need for rest, recovery, and relaxation.
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In these days, the last days or end times, many believe, it's more important than ever for us to know how to find rest and refreshment in God--that place where your pains and sorrows melt away and you are just aware of Him. Just watching the morning news is enough to deposit a spirit of heaviness on your soul some days. Look at what David described in Psalm 71:3:

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Be to me a rock of refuge in which to dwell, and a sheltering stronghold to which I may continually resort, which You have appointed to save me, for You are my Rock and my Fortress. (Amplified Bible)
God wants us to enjoy perpetual "resort life" with Him. Not being ignorant of what's taking place around us, nor being irresponsible about our callings, our duties, or our privileges, but knowing where to go to be restored in spirit, soul, and body.

How do we get there? We've got a standing reservation. All it takes is a simple request and an awareness that God is there, ready to refresh, to shelter, and to offer comfort and peace in His presence. Our refreshing comes from purposefully stopping, turning in faith, and entering into His presence (Acts 3:19).

You might travel to YOUR resort via music, studying the Scriptures, through silence, in nature, even in acts of service for others ... but whatever your God-resort looks like, don't relegate him to a two-week vacation once a year. Go there every day!

Niki Turner writes romantic fiction, Christian non-fiction, blog posts, articles in the local newspaper, grocery lists, and Facebook status updates. Her first completed manuscript won second place in the 2009 Touched By Love contest for contemporary category romance. Colorado natives, Niki and her husband of 20+ years have four children (three at home) and are soon-to-be grandparents. In 1998 they planted a church in rural northwestern Colorado. Currently, they share their home with three teenage boys, two black Lab mutts, and Niki’s absurdly spoiled Westie, Archie. Niki can be found at In Truer Ink, her personal blog and website, here at Inkwell Inspirations, and at The Pastor’s Wife Speaks.


  1. Niki, I love this. You always have a way of opening my eyes. I never thought of God as a resort. It's great, and very comforting. :-)

  2. Niki!! What a wonderful thought. The idea of God as a lush green resort that we can travel to any time--I needed that after this long winter we still seem to be having in my area.

    Incidentally, my jaw almost dropped at the title. The bags are packed and we're leaving for the airport in a bit. The destination? A lush green resort in West Palm Beach!

  3. Comforting to me, too, Suzie! The wind howled all night here and now it's snowing sideways. I'm needing that God-resort today!

  4. Barb, enjoy your respite from winter weather! Safe travels and a time of refreshing in His presence!

  5. :-) Thanks, Dina! Blessings your way!

  6. Ooooh, Niki. I don't like sideways snow. Stay warm and safe. I think if we were getting sideways snow, my God resort would be Bora Bora. ;-)

    Barb, have a fun vacation!

  7. If we lived a 'resort' life all the time we'd be complaining about that too!

    I do think of God as a rock to run to and take shelter under but as a lush green resort? that's something to consider.

    Have a great time Barb! Do you see how nice it is today,now that you're going out of town?

    I'm celebrating because my best friend is in the delivery room right now, waiting for her first grandchild to appear. There is something so amazing about the joy of a new baby's birth. In the midst of any thing, it brings so much hope.

    Enjoy a blessed week, everyone!

  8. Ooh! Deb! What fun! I agree, new babies are the best.
    I also like the "hidden in the palm of His hand" and "under the shadow of His wings" ideas.

  9. LOL, and you're right... we couldn't wait to get out of that resort community, and didn't understand why ANYONE would want to vacation there!
    Sounds like Christians griping about church...

  10. Thanks, Niki. I love how you look at things. You inspire me.

  11. Barb's on her way to West Palm Beach... Gwen's in Orlando... and we had 6" of snow overnight - wet, slushy stuff because the temp hovered at 0c (freezing point) and then rose a few degrees today.

    Nelson's outside right now trying to plow the slush. He seems to be moving a lot of mud. There goes my flat driveway. sigh

    Niki, just reading your post calmed me down - it was the comments that got me going again. Heh.

    Anita Mae.

  12. Anita, I feel your pain. We ended up with about 3 inches today of slushy yuck. Still snowing. I have to take dear daughter to her 34 week OB appt. tomorrow, 70 miles each way and praying for clear roads!
    Blast this weather! I think you and I are due for a week or two in the tropics.

  13. I love how you could write about resorts in the midst of slushy snow!


  14. LOL Cheryl! At this point in the season, I HAVE to think of something besides snow!


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