Sunday, October 4, 2020

THE SOFT WHISPER OF ROSES by Myra Johnson, reviewed by Trixi Oberembt #ReleaseDay

I love how God turns tragedy this family goes through into something good at the end! This story emulates Romans 8:28 and Psalm 30:5 where it says that God will work all things for the good to those who love Him and that weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning. After the death of Kate Townsend to cancer—both a mom and wife—Gary, Noelle, Rebecca and Kevin must learn to pull together to find their purpose and form new family bonds.
Watching them grow in the story was at times hard because of all the emotions, attitudes, and challenges they have to overcome and work through. My heart went out to each one as they learned their place within the family unit and come to grips with a new “normal”. I especially loved how faith in God played an important role! Gary wasn't a believer but God softened his heart, young teen Noelle is a believer but her faith was stretched, Rebecca and young son Kevin both had strong faith that helped them navigate all the ups and downs life throws them. 
I admire Rebecca in how she always turned to the Lord when she struggled. She still had hard times and her attitude wasn't always that of a believer, but she recognized those times, prayed through, and asked God to change her heart. Kevin's young heart was soft towards all things spiritual, he loves unconditionally. I like how he often reminded his mom Rebecca of God's truths.

Blended families are hard in the first place, I think grief added an extra layer for these characters to work through. The ending was fabulous, I even ended up having tears in my eyes because it was so beautiful! Myra Johnson made this family real in my mind, this story truly touched my heart. She doesn't sugar coat all the problems or make them go away easily, she shows how God can help change hearts if we lean on Him when things aren't the way we want them to be. Faith played central role and I loved how it ministered to me as a reader. Spiritual truths in fiction help me along my own Christian walk!

I recommend this to fans of contemporary Christian fiction who aren't afraid of reading about messy lives changed by God's hand and how He brings about His promises. Sometimes in unexpected ways!
*I received a complimentary copy from the author and wasn't obligated to leave a favorable review. All opinions expressed here are my own. * 

BackCover Blurb:
Every blended family has its problems, but how do you build a future when the past won’t let go?

Rebecca Townsend has only been married six months and already doubts Gary’s promise of “till death do us part.” Betrayed by her first husband, she’s trying her hardest to get it right this time. But when her new husband’s unresolved family issues resurface, she’s afraid she and her son will be abandoned once again.

Just when Gary thought he’d found happiness with a woman who truly understood him, the death of his first wife blindsides him with unanticipated grief and guilt. After years of letting his career get in the way of being the husband and father he should’ve been, he must now live up to his new wife’s expectations while attempting to fit his resentful teenage daughter into the mix.

But high-pressure careers don’t leave much time for stopping to smell the roses, and this family is almost out of time. A radical plan conceived by Gary’s ex-wife before her death risks tearing them all apart…or will it finally bring them together as the family God meant them to be?
Every blended family has its problems, but how do you build a future when the past won’t let go?

Fawn Ridge Press October 2020
Available in digital and paperback:


  1. Thank you for posting this today Debra!

  2. Trixi, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful review! You are truly a blessing to authors of Christian fiction!

    1. You're welcome Myra! I loved this story :-)


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