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THE COWGIRL' S SACRIFICE by Tina Radcliffe, Reviewed by Trixi and Kim #ReleaseDay

“The past had brought her here, and it was time to start living the life the Lord had put in front of her. Yes, it was time. Time to put down roots and call Rebel Ranch home.”

Facing ones past is never easy for any of us. There are always regrets and things we wished we would have done differently. Kate's been one of those people who never really put roots down anywhere & the ever changing rodeo life has been her passion. That is until a serious injury sidelines her and has her running back home to Rebel Ranch. Now she not only has to face her three older brothers, but Jess McNally, her ex-boyfriend of ten years ago. Maybe this is exactly where God wants her to be so she can heal both physically and spiritually. Because running away from her problems hasn’t worked out so well for her!

“I thought I'd be falling down and getting up and rodeoing forever. That's pretty silly, right? Thirty years old, and I'm back to wondering what I want to be when I grow up. ~Kate pg. 108”

I really enjoyed getting to know Kate. She's the elusive rebel younger sister who I've only gotten a glance or two of over this book series. I've wondered what kept her in the background and Tina did an excellent job of telling her background story. She's what I would call a prodigal daughter, an independent, strong-willed, no-nonsense kind of gal. When she comes face-to-face with Jess, there are things that come to light and a deeper understanding of what makes Kate who she is. I love a classic reunion or second-chance romance story, so this was a real treat for me to watch both Jess and Kate work through their past relationship to give love another chance.

“We both had a lot of mud to slog through to get where we are. I'm thinking it's time we both give as much time to our future as we have given to our past. ~Jess pg. 213”

I'm sad to leave the Rainbolts behind, but what a perfect ending to this fabulous series! Each sibling had a lot to learn in each book and journeying with them through it was a real treat. I hope you love Kate as much as I did; she's a real fire-cracker but has a sweet heart beating beneath that tough exterior! I also hope you love this story of second-chances, both in life and love, the value of strong family ties, and going back to the basics of old fashioned faith in trusting God to guide your life even when you can't see what the future holds.
*I received a complimentary copy from the author and was not obligated to leave a favorable review. All opinions expressed here are mine. *

Tina Radcliffe writes the best families! I love the Rainbolts, like do they need another sibling? And, I seriously love Rebel, OK! Can I just move there right now?

I have really been looking forward to Kate’s story. After reading the last book in the series, I was hoping Finn would be the male main character, but, I’m happy to say that Jess was an absolutely fine replacement! I loved his character! Kate was a tad prickly, but I loved them as a couple. They complimented each other perfectly!

I am so sad that this series is over. I’m gonna miss these characters. I’m also gonna miss Willard and his Willard-isms! What a great secondary character he is!

I can’t wait to read whatever Tina Radcliffe writes next! Hopefully, we might get to read Finn and Nicole’s story next!
*I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.

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BackCover Blurb:
This cowgirl has wandered back home…

Will she choose her past or her future?

Needing time to heal after a rodeo injury, Kate Rainbolt heads to her family ranch to accept the foreman job her brothers offered her months ago. But the position’s already been filled by her ex-boyfriend, Jess McNally, and the only open job reports to him. With Jess as her temporary boss—and turning into something more—might he finally convince Kate to put down roots?

From Love Inspired: Uplifting stories of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Hearts of Oklahoma

Book 1: Finding the Road Home
Book 2: Ready to Trust
Book 3: His Holiday Prayer
Book 4: The Cowgirl's Sacrifice

Love Inspired, July 2021
Available in digital ebook, paperback, and mass-market paperback:
Buy The Cowgirl's Sacrifice at Amazon
Buy The Cowgirl's Sacrifice at Christianbook.com

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  1. Thanks, for the kind words. A few folks have asked about Finn and I am plotting an indie release for him now. We have to have closure!!!


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