Thursday, December 16, 2021

SURVIVAL by Lisa Harris, (Fallout Series Book One) Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"No electricity, no internet, and no modern technology or access to forensic labs. Not only was he the only law in town, he was going to have to learn how to fight crime all over again."

Something has gone terribly wrong in Shadow Ridge, Texas. After the bizarre loss of electricity and contact with the outside world, Jace McQuaid, home for what he thought was a short visit to celebrate his parents' anniversary, has found himself in charge of law enforcement in his home town, now that his father is no longer able to maintain his role as sheriff. Added to his woes?
A very dead body.

"Sometimes a man has to stand up for what is right, even when he doesn't think he has the strength to do it. "

Days, weeks, and months roll by without clear answers. Lawlessness prevails outside the town's perimeters, and Jace habitually feels incapable and overwhelmed. But when someone who is becoming dear to him is threatened face-to-face, Jace utilizes his military training and a renewed sense of purpose to come up with a plan.

"Sometimes a good woman only comes around once in a lifetime."

A simply written but quite enjoyable story, set against a backdrop that no one hopes will come to fruition, but might. Would we be able to live as resourcefully? Would our faith become stronger or naturally buckle underneath the weight of insurmountable odds? The author faces these issues head-on, and since this is the first book in a series, others in Shadow Ridge will soon be facing similar circumstances.

"God understands. . . He has a way of meeting us where we are and is far bigger that what we see." 

*I purchased the book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:

He came back to Shadow Ridge to escape his past.
Now the survival of the town depends on him facing his greatest fear.

Welcome to Shadow Ridge, where LONGMIRE meets JERICHO.

From USA Today Best-selling author Lisa Harris comes an epic new series where the survival of Shadow Ridge depends on learning how to fight crime all over again.

In today’s world, law enforcement agencies across the country rely on forensic tools, DNA testing, and crime labs. But what if that technology was suddenly no longer available? No one in the small, west Texas town of Shadow Ridge knows what took down the power grid, or when it’s going to be back up, but everyone knows exactly where they were the moment it went down. And now, with no electricity, no internet, and no modern technology, the men and women responsible for keeping the town safe are going to have to learn how to fight crime all over again.

When one of the men in charge of storing food for the town of Shadow Ridge is found murdered execution style, it’s up to Jace McQuaid to find the killer. What he discovers is a group of organized raiders who are stealing supplies and selling them on the black market—and the survival of the town depends on stopping them.

Morgan Addison’s estranged brother, Ricky, shows up at her house demanding weapons and confirming her fears that he’s a part of the outlaws. Tensions are raised further when Ricky kidnaps her son to ensure his safe passage out of town. Jace must find a way to save Noah and ensure the survival of Shadow Ridge.

October, 2021

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