Friday, January 6, 2023


"Here they are! My top three! Ten more! Honorable mention! Favorite series! 

A couple of these books were not published this year, but I did read them this year. What a difficult task to choose out of so many good books!"

(includes links to reviews)

Top Three Reads of 2022

The Souls of Lost Lake - Jaime Jo Wright

A Heart Adrift - Laura Frantz 

All That It Takes - Nicole Deese

Ten More Top Reads of 2022

The Water Keeper - Charles Martin

The Extraordinary Deaths of Mrs. Kip - Sara Brunsvold 

- Susan May Warren

Elysium Tide - James Hannibal

The Lost Melody - Joanna Politano

When Stone Wings Fly - Karen Barnett

Authentically, Izzy - Pepper Basham

The Mobster’s Daughter - Rachel McDaniel

The Bride of Blackfriars Lane - Michelle Griep

Turn to Me - Becky Wade

Honorable Mention

Counterfeit Love - Crystal Caudill 

Shadows in the Mind’s Eye - Janyre Tromp 

In a Far-Off Land - Stephanie Landsem

All The Lost Places - Amanda Dykes

In Love’s Time - Kate Breslin

Favorite Series

Love and Honor - Hallee Bridgeman



  1. Rebecca, Excellent choices!! At least I've read a few of the same books as you thi s year LOL The Souls of Lost Lake is definitely a Top Read!!! I still talk about this book to anyone who will listen. Authentically, Izzy was such a FUN story and another Top Read for me as well. I absolutely thought Luke's redemption thread in Turn to Me was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I read Honor Bound too, just didn't love it. As always, your reviews are enticing and thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing, my friend!!

  2. Thank you so much for including Shadows in the Mind's Eye. I'm so glad you enjoyed Sam & Annie's story :)

  3. Great list, Rebecca! I've read a few of these & loved them! Jaime Jo Wright & Laura Frantz are always at the top for me. I can't read as fast bc of dizzy probs, but I enjoyed what I did read for the most part!

    1. Actually I read 5 of these! But who's counting? lol

  4. Thank you SO MUCH, Rebecca!!!! what a wonderful list!

  5. What an amazing list! I’m so honored! Thank you, Rebecca!!

  6. Hi Rebecca, thanks for sharing your list! I still need to work on compiling a list of my favorites...but I have quite a few in common with you. :) It is such a difficult task, narrowing down so many good books read over a past year into one short list. Rosalyn


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