Thursday, August 17, 2023

THE LIES WE BELIEVE by Lisa Harris, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"The water's freezing as I dive into the inky blackness . . . I let out a scream as I search for Sadie, but underneath the water the sound is muffled. No one can hear me, and there's no one to help."

A reoccurring nightmare. "My therapist . . . says that my nightmares are all part of the grieving process. She actually calls them grief dreams." Dreams, nightmares, grief; Riley Bishop could add nearly constant fear into the mix of what life had become . . . and dare she include "confusion"? Little things were not adding up; was Riley simply overwhelmed and exhausted or had her husband's murder triggered something entirely different . . . the dreaded mental incompetence.

Then . . .  her daughter Sadie disappears without a trace and U. S. Marshal Tucker Shaw is assigned the case, thinking it might segue into a much larger human trafficking ring that he is investigating. It's clear that Riley Bishop needs his help, but is she as innocent as she seems?

"False information. Distorted memories. Lies." The truth is out there somewhere.
Perfectly paced and plotted! It was very difficult, if not impossible, to do anything but continue turning the pages of this first in a series that I will absolutely continue reading.
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 4.5 stars

BackCover Blurb:
Riley Bishop is a single mother, working at home as a graphic designer to provide for her two children, Sadie and Oliver. But something is very wrong. Riley starts forgetting things—like appointments, where she put her keys, and where she parked her car. And then she thinks she sees her deceased ex-husband while out shopping. But as Riley begins to question her own sanity, her twelve-year-old Sadie goes missing. Soon Riley finds it harder and harder to know what is truth and what are lies as she is forced to question her own reality while she searches for her daughter.

Apprehending fugitives as a part of the SOG team gives Tucker Shaw the purpose and drive he needs to fight the demons from his past. When he’s called out on a mission to track down a group of endangered young girls, he has no idea how drastically his life is about to change. It’s a frantic hunt as the situation quickly spirals out of control with a final twist that has Tucker questioning everything he knows to be true.

Independently Published. June, 2023, available in digital ebook, paperback, or hardcover 



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