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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pack Your Bags...Here's Where We're Going Next Week

So much to learn, so little time.
Last week, the facts were flying!

We've got some fun things planned in the months ahead.

During the first week of March we'll have our first Inkwell Inspirations serial fiction story. Five brave Inkies will present a tale of... I have no idea what, since they're working on it right now. But it will be good!

March also brings our first reader-suggested theme: March Mashness. The idea is to combine two things that don't seem to go together, like Elijah and washing machines, ice cream and concrete, puppies and jackhammers... you get the idea. It's going to be fun, crazy, and challenging, but to do it right, we need your help. We want your mash-up suggestions. You can use people, places, things, concepts... the only real limit is your imagination. The ones that spark our creative flames will be used during the theme week. Please leave a comment on this post and share your wildest ideas.

Join us next week
for more fun!

Putting an Ink on Scripture

Monday - FridayThis week we're going
Monday - Dina shares about
being caught in Lebanon during war
Tuesday - Debra
Wednesday - Special Guest - Historical adventure author Mary Lu Tyndall
Thursday - D'Ann
Friday - Wenda

An Inkalicious Review

Hope to see you all around the Inkwell!

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