Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Great a Love

by D'Ann Mateer

See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; 
and such we are. 
I John 3:1a

We’ve talked a lot about love this week. But when I think of love I often go back to this verse in I John. Actually, I go back to the whole book of I John, but for now we’ll just look at this verse. Or half a verse.

If you are a parent, do you remember the day you first held your child in your arms? You loved that baby in that instant, although they had done nothing but cause you (or your wife) some type of pain. You called that baby your child from that moment on, laying claim to him or her in spite of what might come.

Do you understand that God loves you like that? That the moment you were “born” into His kingdom He lavished His love on you for no reason you can explain? And that from that moment forward, you were His child?

For many years I struggled with the love of God. Not openly. I knew all the right things. Did some of the right things. But when it came to believing that God loved ME, it didn’t completely compute. I could grasp—even convey—His love for others. But not for me. Not really.

Interestingly enough, He gave me a child that was hard to love. She was often willful and belligerent and disrupted the peace we desired for our home. I guess in some unconscious way, I equated myself with her. I knew I often showed the same qualities. And if I had trouble loving her, how much more would God have trouble loving me?

See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us.

Only a great love could persist in the face of my stubbornness, believing He couldn’t love me. Only a great love could call me his child in spite of my willful ways. And only a great love could declare me His child in more than name, but in truth, in reality.

Have you considered lately the enormity of the love the Father has bestowed on you? It’s true. A great love, not one marred with human frailty, as ours is. And yet that is the hope we have. That His great love transforms us, allowing us to love others as He has loved us.

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  1. Lovely words this morning, D'Ann. And just what I needed to prepare me to go teach today without fear or condemnation.

  2. Great reminder of HIS love. I am thankful my Heavenly Father loves me even when I am unlovable.
    Hugs, andrea

  3. Good Morning D'Ann and Inkies and friends,
    I always seem to need reminding that God loves me. I know it some ways and don't know it yet in others.

    You said: Do you understand that God loves you like that? That the moment you were “born” into His kingdom He lavished His love on you for no reason you can explain? And that from that moment forward, you were His child?

    I think because I grew up without an earthly father that I still have trouble to this day thinking I won't be abandoned by our heavenly father. I know from what I've read in the Bible and learned at church and experienced that HE won't leave me, yet the toll of not having an earthly father weighs heavy in my life.

    Thanks for a post that reminds me that HE is the kind of father I need and that He does love me. He really is my hope.

  4. This was lovely, D'Ann. John always has such wonderful things to teach us about God's love, but this verse is so powerful. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. I learned so much about God and His love through my children. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.


  6. Hey y'all! Thanks for stopping by. Aren't you glad that that the Lord gives us each other to remind us of His incredible love for us?

    May you be overwhelmed with His love for you this week!

  7. I think it took becoming a parent for me to begin to compehend God's love for me. But as the kids get bigger and less a minute-by-minute part of my day, so does that constant reminder of God's love. Thank you for bringing me back to that awareness today.

  8. Beautiful post, D'Ann. Thank you so much. I have learned so much about God's love, forgiveness and faithfulness by being a parent. Nevertheless I sometimes struggle with accepting His lavish love. Thank you for the reminder.

  9. Dina and Wenda mentioned what I was thinking in response to this. I didn't really understand unconditional love until I had children. Exasperating as I must be to Him, His love doesn't change. Pretty amazing.

  10. Beautiful post, D'Ann. I just blogged on the same thing. Oh that we would understand the depth, height, and width of His great love!

  11. I'm like Wenda, until I became a mom, I hadn't an inkling. (Can we keep that word for all our inky ideas please!) I still don't understand completely, but I know how much I love my babies and I know what I would do to protect them and make sure they are secure.

  12. Yes, our kids have an amazing way of teaching us to both to draw close to the Lord and to understand His love.


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