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Jeremiah 29:11

Sundog taken by Anita Mae Draper, Jan 2011,
Montmartre, Saskatchewan, Canada

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  1. Very nice, Anita. Have a blessed day!

  2. One to cling to as we look out over a new year!
    thanks, Anita!

  3. Thanks, Suzie. Praying for a safe and fulfilling day for you as well.

  4. You're welcome, Debra.

    Nick gave me the idea. I asked him what was a good verse for starting off the new year, and he came back with Jer 29:11. When I said it was perfect, he laughed and said it was the first one he could think of because it was on one of the new scripture dog tags hanging around his neck. Thanks, Nick. :)

    Have a God-filled day, Debra.

  5. You're welcome, Susanne. Hope your year is full of blessings.

  6. Lovely, Anita. I heard of sundog for the first time last night when our weatherman showed a photo he'd taken.

  7. Thanks, Mary, and yes, sundogs are quite often seen in the northern states as well as up here in Canada.

    I hope you are showered with blessings in all you endeavour this coming year.


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