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Inkwell Inspirations Reviews

By Gina Welborn

No one likes an author who waxes eloquent about her own book. So instead of the Inkies telling you what we love about our own or even each other's books, I thought I'd let reviewers speak for us. Books are in order by alphabetization not release date. And I only listed one book per published Inky.

"Impressed by Love" by Lisa Karon Richardson

"Over all I enjoyed this book. Of the four stories I liked that last two the best and my favorite was the last one with Alden. That story could have easily been a stand alone novel." ~Abbie

"Life is full of the unexpected, don't you think? That seems to be the over-riding theme of this 4-in-1 collection from Barbour's Romancing America series, where each of the characters find that life has taken one or more turns they had not seen coming. Each of these authors takes those turns and gives them an extra twist in these tales of Early Americana." ~Valerie

Amazon * Barnes and Noble * CBD * Family Christian * Mardel
Lisa's MAGISTRATE'S FOLLY release February 2013. Learn more about it here!

by Barb Early

"Wonderfully written with a nice mix of thrills, chills and laughs, Gold, Frankinsense and Murder is a lovely short story to curl up with on a winter's night." ~Clare

"Anyone looking for an entertaining cozy mystery with a touch of romance should certainly check this story out." ~LAS reviewer 

"I love a book that gives me spine tingles, and laughter, in one sitting!" ~Marianne

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GOLD FRANKINCENSE AND MURDER is currently $2.99 for Kindle and Nook!

HIGHLAND CROSSINGS: "Sugarplum Hearts" 
by Gina Welborn

"Each gifted author adds her own personal touch to four interacting progressive storylines. If I had to pick a favorite I it would be Sugarplum Hearts. I was entertained by these well written romantic and suspenseful novellas and had a hard time putting the stories down!" ~Kathy

"Something I really enjoyed about this collection were the voices of the various authors. In general, I prefer reading contemporary romance over historical, so it takes a stronger voice to pull me into historical fiction. These gals have that voice in spades." ~Valerie  

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HIGHLAND CROSSING for Nook or Kindle is currently $2.99!
Gina's second novella "All Ye Faithful" is in A CASCADES CHRISTMAS.

by DeAnna Julie Dodson

"In Honor Bound" is most definitely my all-time favorite book! This book is the perfect story for anyone seeking a romance centered around God and without all the sexual graphics found in secular novels! ~Sarah

"An excellent book by a genuinely talented author which deserves to much more widely read and appreciated." ~Medieval Lady

"DeAnna Julie Dodson's first book in a trilogy, "In Honor Bound" is full of fascinating characters, devotion, treachery, and God's enduring love. DeAnna's descriptions paint vivid pictures for the reader with tender love scenes and exciting battles. I highly recommend "In Honor Bound" to everyone." ~Beverly

IN HONOR BOUND is available on Amazon! Kindle version is currently $4.99!
Check out DeAnna's cozy mysteries, The Key in the Attic and Letters in the Attic.  

by Dina Sleiman

"This book reads like you're going on an adventure with the lovely characters. Sometimes I felt I had to dance and praise God while reading. This book is beautifully written and shows much of God's grace!" ~Marian

"Dina has written a beautiful story that takes us through things in Constance's life that will have you giggling in delight or on the verge of tears for a young girl that has far too many hurts in her life. And how she longs for a love like no other and how she finds that love in a God that once again restores the joy in her life that has been missing." ~Teresa

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LOVE IN THREE-QUARTER TIME is currently $3.79 for Kindle and $3.99 for Nook!
Don't forget to check out Dina's first novel, DANCE OF THE DANDELION on Kindle for $3.03.

by Jennifer AlLee

"In this her latest Abingdon release, Jennifer AlLee somehow manages to combine humor and angst, a TIGHT plot with sleight-of-hand symbolism and irony." ~Patty

"I saw this title on a friend's website, and I'm so glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride; AlLee's humorous voice, spot-on descriptions and dimensional, believable characters make the trip along Route 66 a page turner." ~B Nault

"Almost my story, it was fun to read and feel empathy for this character. I am a survivor, hope more women, going through divorce could read this in the beginning." ~Loree

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Jennifer's THE PASTOR'S WIFE is currently free for Kindle!

by Susan Diane Johnson

"What's not to love about this book? It's true love (high school sweethearts) given a second chance after 17 years. Plus a duck named Rufus!" ~Teresa

"I really enjoyed reading 'No Substitute', a fun and light-hearted reunion romance between childhood sweethearts Amy and Quentin. Amy grows in her faith as she rediscovers Goose Bay and her love for Quentin. He is a lovable hero who is doing his best to raise his teen daughter on his own. We see Quentin's faith in action and his willingness to forgive in difficult and challenging situations. I highly recommend this book to those looking for an entertaining and inspiring Christian romance with a forgiveness theme." ~Narelle

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 NO SUBSTITUTE is currently $4.99 for Kindle or Nook!
Pelican Book Group also has free reads for those interested.

by C.J. Chase

"Complex characters, unexpected twists and light romance makes Redeeming the Rogue the perfect book to stash in your beach bag this summer." ~Joy

"Wonderful characterization, lovely voice, and tight plot make this a strongly recommended read!  Great job seamlessly incorporating a strong spiritual thread for both the hero and heroine." ~Carrie

"C.J. Chase has plenty of twists and turns to keep you wondering what lies around the next corner. Murder and mistrust, even among brothers who were once close." ~Jutze

Amazon * Barnes and Noble * CBDMardel 
REDEEMING THE ROGUE is currently $4.24 for Nook and $3.82 for Kindle!
C.J.'s THE RELUCTANT EARL releases February 2013. Find out more about it here.


  1. great idea Gina! we tend to celebrate a release when it comes out and it's wonderful to showcase what's going on here at the Inkwell.

    Definitely one for every taste, here, just as each of the Inkwell authors are incredibly unique and talented.

    I'm so happy to be a part of this group, and this only reminds me again that I need to read DeAnna's medievals. I know how much Dina loves them!

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

  2. This was really great. I loved reading the reviews of everyone's books.

  3. Fun idea, Gina. I enjoyed reading the reviews. Thanks!

  4. Jen, I loved reading everyone's reviews and regretted I couldn't include more, especially on additional books because the Inkies are wonderful authors.

    Deb, I too need to read DeAnna's medievals.

  5. I enjoyed this post and am blessed to be part of such a talented group of women.

    It's also a good reminder to kick my butt into gear. LOL


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