Monday, November 19, 2018

Too Early to Decorate for Christmas?

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Susanne here, and yeah, yeah, I know--it's not even Thanksgiving. My turkey is frozen solid.

The other morning, however, I saw a report on the news. Apparently, decorating early for Christmas makes you happier than if you wait to do it.

This is according to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology (and it totally contradicts some people I know who don't decorate until December dates reach double digits). The study suggests when we decorate early, we think of our childhoods and then we feel nostalgic, warm and ... happy.
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I love little house ornaments! Squee!
I get that. My boxes of Christmas ornaments are pretty precious to me. Every year when I open them up, I greet the ornaments like old friends. This is one of my teapot ornaments that I bought when I had lunch with my friend Laura. This one was made by my son, and this by my daughter. And this is the one my husband made when he was five. My mom gave me this one...

And so on. Old friends. Cherished memories.
My Nativity scene, complete with embellishments from my children. Even Lego Yoda wants to see Jesus.
The study also says that people who decorate the outsides of their homes are considered friendlier by their neighbors! So throw a wreath on your door and wave to folks!
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Public Domain.
By the way, I'll be decorating this weekend. I take advantage of having the college kiddo home. I've already decided to streamline my decorations this year, but I'm sooooo ready for Christmas!

Maybe that makes me a little happier, too!


Susanne Dietze has a story in Victorian Christmas Brides, available now!


  1. Not too early at all. I tend to get my Christmas baking started earlier if there's snow on the ground and Christmas music playing. It's all in the ambiance, you see. So, I asked hubby to bring the Christmas bins from the quonset up to the garage so they're more accessible, and while he was in the garage, could he bring in the Christmas mugs to enhance my mocha while baking. Well, there are no Christmas mugs in the kitchen yet, but the tree is up in the living room! It came with those mini-lights, so it's all lit up and waiting until the end of the month when we'll have more time to finish it. And now that's one less thing to do.
    And yes, we're all happy here. :)

  2. Thanks for the post, Susanne! It reminded me to get my turkey out of the freezer! LOL I usually wait until after Christmas to start decorating. I don't do nearly as much now that the kids are all gone, and I don't have as much energy as I used to have.

  3. I'll see how I feel after this weekend. The expansive Christmas village comes out of hiding this year to face constant rearranging by the grandchildren. I haven't made a secret of the fact I don't decorate, but I enjoy the tree at work and at church. Honestly I think part of it is I never like taking everything down when it's done! Have fun, ladies! I no longer have a cd player, so that really puts the Christmas CDs in jeopardy. I should change that asap.

    1. Deb, I put my Christmas music CD's something safe about 5 yrs ago and haven't found them since. *blech


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