Tuesday, January 14, 2020

LOVE YOU, TRULY by Susan Tuttle, Reviewed by Kim

I can’t say often that a fiction book has changed me, but Love You, Truly by Susan Tuttle has! I loved this book! It is has romance, humor, character growth, a fun storyline, and a wonderful message of God’s love. But, there is also a depth to it that totally took me by surprise.

Susan Tuttle has such a way with words that she makes you feel the way the characters are feeling. I laughed and shed a few tears right along with Blake and Harlow. This story also has the most touching, tear inducing salvation seen I’ve ever read. I literally got chill bumps.

In a word, the story is about love. Yes, it’s a love story between Blake and Harlow, but more than that, Susan Tuttle has shown the love of God beautifully. She has shown the fruits of the Spirit in action and I am praying this story gets into the hands of everyone who needs it- which is everyone! Love You, Truly is definitely one of my top books of the year!

*I bought a copy of this book, and was under no obligation to review it.

BackCover Blurb:
Blake Carlton, the camera-shy son of Hollywood’s Darling, dodges the invasive limelight and scripted relationships that so often accompany fame. But when his mother’s popularity declines and she falls into a depression, he offers himself up as the next bachelor on a reality show, hoping to reignite interest in her career while creating a way for them to finally connect.

After her fiancé dumps her for her best friend, aspiring photographer Harlow Tucker is done with romance—until her beloved, disabled sister requests her aid to start a nonprofit. Harlow agrees to do whatever is needed to raise funds, even reluctantly costarring on a dating show with a notorious womanizer who distrusts anyone behind a lens.

As Blake and Harlow navigate the superficiality of a reality show, their preconceived notions of love are challenged. Deciding to trust each other feels like the ultimate risk, but taking that chance could lead to a love truly picture-perfect, worth both of their hearts.

Available in digital ebook and paperback:
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  1. I'm reading more contemporary Romance now (or listening to it) so I'd like to get my hands on this one! thanks Kim!

  2. This book sounds like it is a Beautiful love story! I will be adding this book to my TBR list. Thank you so much for sharing your book review. I really love the cover! Have a Great week. God Bless you.


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