Thursday, February 3, 2022

TWILIGHT AT MOORINGTON CROSS by Abigail Wilson, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Mr. Cluett has made your inheritance conditional upon your marriage to one of two named gentlemen . . . you must wed one of them within thirty days of his death."
What a conundrum, especially when the good doctor's demise came sooner rather than later . . . far too soon it seemed, leaving the widowed Mrs. Amelia Pembroke left with no one to rely on but the solicitor, Mr. Hawkins, who had drawn up the curious will. Amelia's years at Cluett's Mesmeric Hospital had been some of the most peaceful in her still young life, and now? To lose it all? Or to gain it all . . . along with a virtual stranger whom she never wanted to choose as a husband. Amelia's first marriage had been disastrous, especially after her husband eye-witnessed her rather bizarre sleeping disorder. Who could be trusted to guide her through the next thirty days; is Ewan Hawkins up to the task, or will he betray her too, for the inheritance represented a considerable amount of money and property, enough to kill for as a matter of fact. Amelia would do well to watch her back.
"I simply cannot walk away from Moorington Cross knowing I didn't exhaust every possible hope . . . "
This story compares to playing a game of CLUE, with every character and every room holding tight to their secrets until the very end. Enjoy the quest! 
*I purchased this book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review. 3.5 stars


BackCover Blurb:
Amelia Pembroke is in a unique position in Regency England: She can obtain financial freedom. But in order to do so, she must marry one of two gentlemen. The trouble is, she might be falling in love with another man entirely.

1819, Kent, England—Everything changed the moment Amelia became heiress to Moorington Cross. A young widow and patient at Cluett’s Mesmeric Hospital, Amelia is stunned to learn that her doctor—and the only father figure she’s ever known—has altered his will naming her his primary beneficiary. Such an opportunity is beyond what any Regency-era woman could dare to dream—especially one with a sleeping disorder that finds her falling asleep at the most random of times.

There is, however, a perplexing condition attached to the will: she must wed one of two named men, wholly unknown to her. Doing so would provide her with a secure future. But how can she marry one of these men when her heart is intrigued by the charming solicitor, Mr. Hawkins?

Everything takes on a new sense of urgency—and danger—when Mr. Cluett is found dead in his bedchamber only hours after announcing his updated will. Now Amelia only has thirty days to decide which man she will marry. But she is just as determined to uncover the truth of her benefactor’s demise with the help of Mr. Hawkins. After all, this sudden turn of events couldn’t merely be a coincidence—could it?

From award-winning author Abigail Wilson,
Twilight at Moorington Cross is a mysterious Regency romance full of intrigue, mesmeric treatments, and abandoned corridors that proves love is the greatest testament of all.

Thomas Nelson, January 2022
Available in digital ebook, paperback, library binding, and audiobook:
Buy Twilight at Moorington Cross at Amazon,, and Baker Book House 

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