Tuesday, February 15, 2022

COMING OF WINTER by Tom Threadgill, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"Find something that may not exist and prove it to someone who doesn't believe. God help him."

F. B. I. Agent Jeremy Winter has been transferred to a desk job that he doesn't want, but had to accept, in a location where he doesn't want to live, but had to go, both residing and working hours away from the ones who are his future. The "how" and "why" will soon present itself, but in the interim a phone call from a casual acquaintance breaks the monotony. An ex-wife appears to be missing and local law enforcement simply don't have the evidence to prioritize a search. Much to the frustration of his supervisor, Jeremy gets involved, discovering fragments of evidence from multiple victims in various locations with no apparent connections. Someone is getting away with murder.

What a story! Grizzly in places, the reader not only joins Jeremy in his determined search for truth and justice, but has to share space in the head of a seriously deranged killer. But the two fit together perfectly and the corresponding sub-plots; both personal and professional, provide time away from thinking through psychopathic behaviors. Personally, I'm hooked! Plus, I am very optimistic that Jeremy's restoration from past torments is going to be something that I don't want to miss!(I'm pulling for you Maggie!)
Note: this book is written primarily to fit the general market fiction. It is clean, but the crime details are marginally graphic.
*3.5 stars. I purchased the book and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
Catherine Mae Blackston is missing. She is not the first.
While investigating Blackston's recent activities, FBI Agent Jeremy Winter stumbles upon a string of missing persons within state parks. Unable to convince his boss that Blackston's disappearance is anything other than a lost hiker, Winter joins forces with a local police officer to continue the search.

As the clues mount, a dark figure from Jeremy's past emerges with an ultimatum — one that could force him out of the Bureau. Afraid that his girlfriend, fellow agent Maggie Keeley, will be dragged into a high-stakes political game, he delays his decision. But as the tally of missing persons increases, Winter closes in on the unlikeliest of suspects.

The bodies are out there.

He just has to find them before his past catches up with him.

Lamplighter Mysteries Publishing, 2018

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