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Join Us Next Week as We Celebrate Around the Inkwell

Last week sure was exciting!
Who knew the Inkies were such an adventurous bunch?

As an uber-supportive group of writers,
we gals decided that whenever one
of us has a new book coming out, we'll give her
a week in the spotlight. So this week we give you
Jennifer AlLee, author of The Pastor's Wife
(coming February 1st from Abingdon Press).

Join us this week
for more fun!

Putting an Ink on Scripture
Anita Mae

Monday - Friday
All about an Inky and her new book!
Monday - Susanne shares about the "perfect" pastor's wife
Tuesday - Patti has a turn
Wednesday - Special Guest - Abingdon Press Marketing Manager Maegan Roper
gives us the scoop on this exciting new fiction line
Thursday - Jennifer shares about the journey to The Pastor's Wife
Friday - Dina's original poem - Beauty for Ashes

An Inkalicious Review
Dina's back with a review of...
you guessed it... The Pastor's Wife

See you all around the Inkwell!



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