Thursday, July 8, 2010

Demon: A Sizzling Summer Must-Read

At the 1987 ACFW conference, I stood behind a line of fans to meet Tosca Lee, vibrant, gorgeous author of the hot new book, Demon. When it was finally my turn, we chatted. Tosca signed. I left, book in hand.

Later in my room, I opened the mesmerizing cover. Felt my eyes get wide.

There on the interior title page, she'd written, How does your story end? Love, Tosca

Goosebumps pimpled my arms. Would this book aid me in my Christian walk? Help me with the writing of my own story? Introduce me to a new friend?

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Three years later, Tosca has become a soulmate of the writerly kind, endorsing, encouraging...offering water to a sojourner on His road. I've watched my girl step out in faith, hold up under warfare, and emerge with a new publisher for Demon, Havah, and her new projects, Forbidden (with Ted Dekker) and Iscariot. Lord willing, Tosca's books will provide growth opportunities for years to come. So...what are we waiting for, huh?

Let's start where Tosca started...Demon. An awful, wonderful, MUST place to start for all who call on the name of the Lord. For temptation will come...will come...will come...

Suppose you are Clay, a recently divorced editor for a publishing house. A rather odd gentleman schedules an appointment with you, an appointment which you have no recollection of making. Suppose that rather odd gentleman is a demon. One of Satan's legions who wants you to write his story.

In Demon, Tosca brilliantly thrusts the harried Clay into a mad courtship with demons who take forms as varied and complex as sin itself. Soon the demon's story intertwines with Clay's own story; Clay struggles to differentiate between truth and lies. As heaven-sent forces rush in to pull Clay from the fires of hell, only one question remains: how will the story--Clay's story and the demons' story--end?

Even if Lee's plot weren't so intriguing, rich imagery and a strong, original writer's voice leaps from the page and pulls you in.

Lee's text spurred me on to research the scriptures related to Satan and his dark forces and their role in the spiritual battle which rages even as I write these words. I hated this book, loved this book...and finished it in two days. Demon, A Memoir, is an excellent read for Christian and nonChristian alike. But be prepared to lose a bit of sleep. Be prepared to spend time in thought and prayer. Be prepared to ask yourself the same question Clay wants anwered: how does your story end?

Check out the new Demon cover!

Which cover do you prefer; new or old?

Do share your hot summer reads!
For a chance at a random drawing for a copy of the rerelease of Demon: A Memoir, leave your name and a comment. Random drawee will be announced on 7/17/10!

And the winner is....Kathy! Congratulations, girl! I'll be getting ahold of you soon!


  1. Patti, I love you. But 1987? Seriously?

    I am one of those people who hasn't read Demon. I started Eve and it was so different from anything I read, so DIFFERENT, that I had to put it aside. I like different, but I knew this was the kind of different that needed me to be fully focused and would make me think.
    Do you know what I mean? Like I knew it will tilt my view and I wasn't ready for it.

    Ted Dekker's books do that to me too. I can't read them while I'm writing historical romance. I want to read more of his work, but to me they are the ultimate book for air travel. 8 hours of airplane and airport sitting. No distractions. Just the book and you. Because you will be taken so far from your center.

    So - you've confirmed what I thought about Tosca Lee's books.
    Okay, and the fact is, anyone that beautiful is a little intimidating anyway. She writes that well and looks that good? I hope she's a terrible cook or something, don't you?

  2. Patty,
    I've met Tosca also, and she's such a gracious lady!
    I read a first chapter on a blog of Demon--haven't read the book. The chapter was amazing. I really want to read Havah--but haven't yet. Thanks for sharing about Tosca and asking the question-how will your story end?

  3. I've heard so many wonderful things about this book and author. But like Deb, I'e hesitated, just because of what I have to do in my own writing. Humor doesn't come easily so I have to feed and water it.

  4. Patti, our globe trotter... She might be here in a bit. Always running marathons or doing book signings.

    Lindi, have you read any Ted Dekker? the idea of those two writers co-authoring is that something big is on its way.

  5. I read Demon right when it first came out. Of all the Christian fiction I've read, this book had the most profound effect on me. I'm constantly amazed at how Tosca was able to use the story of a demon to powerfully convey the love of God and His heartbreak over the fall of humans. And her writing... well, it's like she paints with words. Gorgeous.

    Deb, I don't know if Tosca can cook, but she's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with her at ACFW, and she was lots of fun. From reading her blog and interviews, you can tell she has a real goofy side, too. I admire that in a person!

    As for which cover do I like better... I have to say, I prefered the first cover. It felt more ominous. But that won't stop anyone from buying the new one. I highly recommend this book! Thanks for shinging the spotlight on it, Patti :+}

  6. I'll add another question now, Jen.
    What do you suppose is the reasoning behind changing the covers? Okay - Redeeming Love is an older book. But why Demon? Another example is recent releases by Golden Keyes Parsons.

    And yes, I gathered Tosca was also enjoyable, fun company when I saw her at the ACFW.
    Thanks Patti, for highlighting an older book, too.

  7. Deb, I think the biggest reason is because the books are now with a different publisher. The original version of Demon and Havah (Tosca's second novel) were published by NavPress, but they closed their fiction division. So B&H picked up both those books and Tosca's new release, Iscariot (about Judas). So the cover change had to happen. Also, B&H can now create a sense of continuity across the three books.

  8. Oh, I see. Well, then it all makes sense. thanks Jen (you are such a wealth of knowledge) (this negates that last 'chicken little' episode earlier this afternoon, right?)

  9. I have to redeem myself somehow, right?

  10. Hey, y'all! Toenails moss green thanks to drop cloth not doing its work. Yeah, I'm painting at my daughter's today.

    Sorry to miss all the great comments.

    Hmmm, Tosca hasn't MENTIONED cooking, but I have a feeling it's in her repertoire of talents as well.

    I know she likes to eat!!!


  11. Just recently I bellyached about poor proofreading.
    There's TWO in my short blog.

    1987 should be 2007

    I could not get Tosca's second cover to post...but shoulda mentioned it to y'all.

    Must be a spacy writer!!!

  12. You know, just yesterday I was thinking I need to check out some of Tosca's books. This definitely confirmed it. This sounds like my favorite sort of book.

  13. Patti, I noticed 1987 and had to laugh... wondered what kind of time traveling you were doing! Hope you're having a blast today, wherever you are :+}

  14. A couple weekends ago Angie Breidenbach stayed at my house while she was in town for the Life and Faith tour. Love the chit dearly but she wouldn't stop talking about this book.

    I think Tosca paid Angie to promote it to me.

    Must read it because I promised Angie I would.

  15. Oh me, me, me!!! I really, really have wanted to read it ever since it first came out!!!
    Enter moi, please. :-)

    jessica_nelson7590 AT yahoo dot com

  16. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks!

    hspruitt {at} juno DOT com

  17. I'm in Nashville! What a place!

    Keep giving Tosca the Ink.


  18. I looked at 1987 and thought, "Wow was the book re-released". LOL!

    What a cool thing for her to write in your book!

  19. Jennifer, would you become my proofreader? LOL

  20. Patti, my dear sister friend!

    Thank you so much for this and most greatly for your friendship. You are too wonderful, again and again. :)

    And thanks to those who commented and for your sweet words!


  21. Back at you, Tosca. Now get back to work. As you can see, we're hungry for more!

  22. Hm...this book just keeps coming up on my radar. I think I'm supposed to read it. LOL. Guess I'm going to have to see for myself why everyone is raving about it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention once again!


  23. I'm excited to learn about this drawing! Please enter me. I have been wanting to read Tosca Lee.

    Thank you!

  24. I would like to read Demon. Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. I have Havah in my soon-to-be read list and would really like to read Demon, too. I love Ted Dekker, too. Not good books to read when everyone else is asleep, though, which is when I seem to get most of my reading time.


  26. Keep those Tosca votes comin'!!!!

  27. Demon, and Havah after it, are two of the most amazing reads. I bought Havah, but read Demon from the library so would LOVE to be able to add it to my permanent collection!

    But Tosca is an amazing writer with an amazing voice. I love Dekker, but I can't wait to see what they come up with together. And I've been a fan of Iscariot since she first announced it.

    Someone upstream said she initially had a hard time reading Demon (or was it Havah?) because it was different. Yes, praise God, they both are VERY different -- and that is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

  28. Demon is in my top five books of the past ten years. Amazing. Must read and I don't say that often.


    (Don't enter me since I already have Demon.)

  29. I finished Demon: A Memoir a few days ago and immediately passed it on to a friend who read it in one sitting also. I usually don't choose books on this topic, but somtething drew me to it and I felt secure knowing Tosca was a fellow ACFWer. Amazing. It did stay with me, especially the power of a glance to seduce anyone away from the Lord. I have found my prayerlife received a boost upon reading it, a sure sign of an inward impact. Also, the interaction would've been unacceptable if Clay was serving the Lord, so well done on that point. There are other comments, but I will merely say, I'd like my own copy. Thanks for the opportunity, Patti


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