Saturday, July 24, 2010

Next Week: Weather or Not

Small Talk. Safe topic. Nothing gets talked about more with people we know less. But by now you've realized that the Inkies have no need for safe topics, and are rarely at a loss for words.

What's YOUR weather story?

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Saturday Book Review: Jennifer AlLee

Here's a little something to cool you off on a hot July weekend. I guess it's true that blue is a "cool" color:


  1. We can all wish we had that kinda weather right now and then when it happens not so much. lol.

  2. Exactly! I'm glad for the changes season by season but never quite satisfied, I'm afraid to say!

    Have a great day, Louise!

  3. Oh wait a second. I thought the picture was like, taken this week. Duh. But then I live in Calgary where snow in July happens and we can sometimes suntan in February.

  4. Well that would be difficult Wenda. I am used to pretty much hot considering I grew up in Florida so yeah 9 out 12 months we could probably go in the pool. lol

  5. The photo was from 'a few months ago', probably February of this year. Funny what a few degrees' shift in the sun will do to the seasonal climate!

    I understand that Florida gets cold once in awhile, but I never really could come to terms with what Floridians call 'cold'. Dropping down to 32 overnight? Okay, I'll stop before I get snarky!

    Not to pry, Louise, but I take it you're farther north now than Florida, so do you enjoy that as well?

  6. I love that snow picture. So blue and moody :+}

  7. Just like your place in winter, right, Jen?

  8. Thats about what Maryland looked like this past February! I love the heat wave we are having in now, but this is a nice cool down!

  9. Thats about what Maryland looked like this past February! I love the heat wave we are having in now, but this is a nice cool down!

  10. Hey Jules!
    You know it seems like so many storms come across the mid Atlantic lately.
    And more Nor'easters impact the coast but leave the Great lakes alone.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't mind spreading the joy with you all. I'm happy to have a little less snow than 'the good old days'.

    Thanks for stopping in.


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