Saturday, July 10, 2010

Next Week: DVD'ing in the Rain

BREAKING NEWS. We interrupt this post.

That sound you hear is Whoopin' and Hollerin' because Inky D'ANN MATEER just signed a contract with BETHANY HOUSE.

Congratulations D'Ann!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled Saturday Scoop...

Genre'ly speaking, we had a pretty cool week.

What is your go-to fiction? I have to admit I'm sort of stuck on Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody mysteries right now. Always looking for the next J.A.Jance Joanna Brady series.
Are you seeing a trend here?

Thank you to our two guests this week, the captivating and lovely Carlas

Carla Stewart

Carla Capshaw

Next week: DVD in the Rain

Just in time. It's one of those rainy summer days when there's no chance of getting outside and you could really use a relaxing afternoon in front of the TV screen. What's your favorite go-to movie? Will you admit to watching it over and over? Secretly? Did you go from VHS to DVD?

Sunday Devotional - Niki Turner
Monday - Lisa Karon Richardson
Tuesday - Gina Welborn hosts GUEST ANGIE BRIEDENBACH
Wednesday - Jennifer AlLee
Thursday - Anita Mae Draper
Friday -Patti Lacy
Saturday - Movie Review, Debra E. Marvin

Coming up later this month:

July 20th Guest Author Mike Delloso
July 22nd Guest Author Stephanie Newton


  1. Such a coincidence you had the picture on the post...mine's Somewhere in Time. And yes, I've gone from VHS to DVD. ;-)

  2. Alexandra--I'm so glad you caught they little photo graphic of Elise (Jane Seymour). A perfect rainy day DVD!

  3. Steena

    Thanks for commenting on the big news!!

    We look forward to The Week of D'Ann when her book comes out




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