Thursday, January 10, 2019

A COWBOY IN SHEPHERD'S CROSSING by Ruth Logan Herne, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt

I honestly don’t know how Herne continually writes the kind of fiction that hits the reader right in the gut! Not only does she tackle cultural diversity in this story but familial as well. Both Jace and Melonie have the rugs pulled right out from underneath them and their worlds turned completely upside down. When a shocking truth comes to light, Jace finds himself an instant father to his young nieces he never knew existed. That’s enough to bring any man to his knees! However, he cowboys up and does what needs doing for the sake of little Ava and Annie. Melonie too, finds herself in Shepherd’s crossing on a ranch she never knew existed, willed to her and her sisters by her late uncle Chet. On the verge of a lucrative career that would have set her for life, she must now learn to live a different dream…or at least for the next year. When life gets its messiest, can these two not only learn to lean on God for strength but also work together for the same goal and possibly a more fulfilling future? One that they never seen coming?
This story encourages me that when life get tough, the tough get going; with the help of the Lord of course! I really enjoyed watching Jace and Melonie deal with the blows life hands them. They realize that even though things are at the roughest, they can rely on each other, lean on family and friends, and put it all into the Lord’s hands who guides them. 

For me, it was a hard read because it deals with a subject that’s all too real in my life right now. I’ve had the same hard questions Jace did in my mind, and the inner battle with wanting to do the right thing even when it’s not the easiest. One thing I can say for Herne’s stories, she gives me HOPE every single time through the lives of her characters! This book came at just the right time in my own life and encourages me to keep on keeping on, to lean on the One who holds my life in His capable hands, and let others in to help when the burden gets too much.

If you want an emotional read undercoated with hope, love and faith…look no further than “A Cowboy In Shepherd’s Crossing”!

*I received a complimentary copy from the author and was under no obligation to leave a positive review. *

Backcover Blurb:
 From bachelor to daddy…

Shepherd’s Crossing is full of surprises

Cowboy bachelor Jace Middleton was ready to leave Shepherd’s Crossing for good—until he learns his family’s unspoken secrets. Now Jace finds himself not only caring for his twin baby nieces, but working with beautiful, strong-willed designer Melonie Fitzgerald to renovate his grandmother’s run-down estate. Love wasn’t part of the plan…but Jace soon finds himself wishing Melonie could become part of his unexpected family.

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  1. I feel the same way. No one seems to love writing more than Ruth. And no wonder. She's a master at putting in all 'the feels' that are then yanked out of readers!

    1. Right?!?! I love her writing because I know I'm in for an emotional ride :-)


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