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SAND AND MISTLETOE by Chautona Havig, Reviewed by Paula Shreckhise

Such a fun, quirky Christmas read! 
Just what I expect from Chautona Havig. But among the fun and quirky comes some deep truths: real people rely on prayer and God. You can be genuine and be accepted. 

For all the “almost” kisses ( because Ms. Havig doesn’t like mushy) this book is swoon worthy. The dialogue is real-life — not some sanitized version. She picks a beautiful setting that represents a place of solace and contemplation. It is like another character. In choosing the beach for a Christmas getaway, it shows how family does things for family, even if they wouldn’t choose it for themselves. 

I like that she took a true occurrence of someone falling down a cliff and incorporated it into the story. 
The characters’ Christian faith is natural but so are the family dynamics, showing that people have faults but they can ask forgiveness. The underlying question the two main characters face — will he/she like me for myself and will my family be accepted because they are part of who I am? 

I love Ms. Havig’s viewpoint that comes through her writing. A very enjoyable read. 

*I purchased this book from Amazon. I wasn’t required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*

BackCover Blurb:

What’s Christmas without family drama, an accident, and mistletoe? 

If you ask Portia Spears, it’s a horror movie—especially since she’s never the one caught under that mistletoe. And who thought it was a good idea to spend the last Christmas as a family unit away from their family home? 

Her bossy older sisters, that’s who.

Christmas at his parents’ house with his son—just the way Reese Whitaker likes it. But a chance encounter on the beach might just change everything. How often do you meet someone who loves kids and knows American Sign Language? 

Not often. Trust him.

However, with just two weeks to get to know each other and two families that couldn’t be more different vying for their time, will they even have a chance to test out that mistletoe they found?

Find out today in Sand & Mistletoe. 

Available in digital ebook and paperback
Buy Sand and Mistletoe at Amazon


  1. Aw, I'm happy that you enjoyed it! I loved writing this book. Can't wait to write the next, and now a friend has challenged me to make it a 4 book series--one for each season. Hmmm....


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