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A SILKEN THREAD by Kim Vogel Sawyer, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney with #GIVEAWAY

"Someone will need to take care for Mama in her dotage, and we believe the rightful person is you."
Given a nearly impossible ultimatum by her older siblings, Laurel Millard can only dream of finding a suitor who can not only support her, but also her mother. When the opportunity, to spread her wings a bit, arrives in the form of temporary employment in the Silk Room at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition, Laurel decides to be on the lookout for a wealthy suitor. . . . .who, if she is lucky . . . . will most certainly make her heart sing.

Willie Sharp is also charged with the care of a parent; his father desperately needing professional rehabilitation after an apparent stroke. Willie's job at the Rochester Steam-Powered Engines factory barely pays their living expenses, so when his boss allows him a temporary leave of absence to earn additional funds as a security guard at the Atlanta Cotton Exposition, Willie and his friend Quincy head off towards their golden opportunity.

As racial tensions still threaten the peace of the quietly emerging southern economy, there is also a great divide among all socioeconomic groupings; when Laurel comes across a supposed "knight in shining armor" will she be brave enough to look beneath the surface? When Quincy is convinced that the color of his skin is the source of all his problems, will he learn to "be owned by God or be owned by sin?" And sweet, honorable, Willie . . . . will he learn what's it is like to trust in the Lord with all his heart?

What a lovely, intentional story; written by an author who knew how to embrace a myriad of historical land mines with the skill of a weaver! 

*Rebecca and Debra received this paperback in their Goody Bags from the CFRR2019 event and were under no obligation to review it.

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Backcover Blurb:
For readers who love a heartwarming romance and a rich historical setting comes a tale of a young woman with a heavy burden, the International Cotton Exposition, and the pursuit of true love.

Eighteen-year-old Laurel Millard, youngest of seven children, is expected to stay home and "take care of Mama" by her older siblings, but Laurel has dreams of starting her own family. Operating a silk loom at the Atlanta Exposition will give her the chance to capture the heart of a man wealthy enough to take care of Laurel and any children she might bear, as well as her mother.

Langdon Rochester's parents have given him an ultimatum: settle down with a wife or lose his family inheritance. At the Exposition, Langdon meets Laurel. Marrying her would satisfy his parents's command, she would look lovely on his arm for social events, and in her besotted state, he believes she would overlook him continuing pursuing rowdy adventures with his unmarried buddies. Langdon decides to woo Laurel. Willie Sharp is not well-off and must take on an extra job at the Atlanta Exposition as a security guard. When mischief-makers cause trouble in the Women's Building, Willie is put in charge of keeping the building secure. He enjoys visiting with Laurel, who seems like the little sister he never had, but his feelings for Laurel change to something much deeper. Can Willie convince Laurel that he can give her better life--even with so little to offer?

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  1. Help us share the wonderful reviews our team provides. We'd love to have new followers by email and to have our post shared. Giveaway ends May 3rd!
    Thank you to Kim Vogel Sawyer, Waterbrook Press, Christian Fiction Reader's Retreat for the paperback which I'll be passing on to a fan of Kim's writing! I'll be listening to the audiobook and I know someone will love getting this beautiful book in the mail!
    Thanks for the review, Rebecca!

  2. Lovely review, Rebecca! I'd love to win a copy of this book. It sounds wonderful!
    whthomas13 at yahoo dot com

  3. Thanks for sharing this review and for giving someone the chance to read their own copy.

  4. This sounds like a very intersting storyline. Society definitely had different standards back in the day, so this should be both an enlightening and excellent novel. Thank you for the review.
    Perrianne Askew

  5. Thank you for the wonderful review, Rebecca! This book sounds so good! I have it on my TBR list and am looking forward to reading it! Thank you, Deb, for being willing to do a giveaway for your copy of A Silken Thread!! ~Alison Boss


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  6. This book looks good! I would love to win her book.

  7. Thanks ladies! I look forward to sending this one out and I appreciate all the support!

  8. This sounds so good! A heartwarming story for sure ! Thank you for your sharing this and I have to say I love meeting new authors. I am on facebook as well.
    Linda Marie Finn
    Faithful Acres Books
    faithfulacresbooks (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I haven't read a book by Kim Vogel Sawyer in quite a while. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I shared the post on Twitter

  10. Debra, thank you so much for giving away your copy! I haven’t read this yet but have it on my TBR list! I also shared this post on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter. 😉

    mylittlebirdiebooks [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. Patty Hamlin Rude is the winner of A SILKEN THREAD paperback! Thanks to all who participated!


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