Monday, September 16, 2019

How Tall is your TBR Pile?

Readers usually have a TBR (To Be Read) Pile: a stack of books we're planning on getting to when we're done with whatever we're currently reading.
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I have a stack of books from RWA for my TBR pile, which now goes alongside the TBR pile I'd already compiled.

That got me wondering, how many books are in my TBR pile? (23 because I can't fit anymore in the "TBR spot." There are a few others on a shelf, and some in my Amazon cart!) I'm currently reading three books, two fiction and a non-fiction.

So how many books are in your TBR pile? Will you give me a title in the comments? (One of mine is Connie Mann's Beyond Risk.)

And...have you ever measured your TBR pile by height instead of number of books?


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  1. I have a new way to do TBRs... I have 'favorites' starred in my hoopla app which means audiobooks I'll be listening to on my phone thanks to my local library's subscription! My physical book pile is much smaller thanks to my kindle which is likely to explode! One of the last books that came in the mail was a book I read and endorsed (The Witness Tree by Denise Weimer) so that goes in the 'books by friends' shelf!
    I'm saving a few audiobooks for future travel. Just like reading any book, I hate to start a great audiobook when I'm going to bed. I know I won't want to stop adding more time to my timer! haha. The Noble Guardian for instance!

    1. Oh yessss! Those books are on my TBR list too! Haha. And I forgot the books on my kindle. Sigh. But at least they won't topple over on me!

      Nice idea with starring favorites in the app!

  2. My physical TBR pile is actually three piles, each about two feet tall.

    We will not discuss my virtual TBR pile.


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