Monday, December 2, 2019

"Romancing" Collections ON SALE NOW

Clean, sweet romance collections on sale for 99cents from Forget Me Not Publishers! 

Romancing the Rancher's Daughter
You won’t want to miss the feisty heroines in this three-book historical collection!

As a rancher’s daughter, she may have endured hard work, fled potential suitors, or been sequestered to age inside the ranch’s perimeter fence. But when the ranch’s routine is broken by the hand of providence that allows a promising young man to enter the scene, watch for romantic sparks to ignite! Here are three historical novellas that feature the rancher’s daughter, who might turn out quite comely once she isn’t too riled up.

Romancing the Bachelor Aloof yet alluring, these modern men are waiting for their chance at love, and this collection features three absolute keepers! Three novellas give romance a fighting chance, despite the odds. Take a look at love-in-the-making with this contemporary inspirational fiction collection!

Romancing the Billionaire Five romances with suave and debonair men to make you swoon.
Romancing the Boy Next Door She walks past him, looks beyond him, and hardly gives him the time of day. Only a nudge of dire circumstance and a heightened awareness can bring these two together. Take a look at these three novellas where the savvy gal wises up to Mr. Right—who happens to live right next door! 
Romancing the Christmas Angel Five heart-warming historical novellas to make your Christmas a little brighter. 

Romancing the Christmas Gift Giver Four small town romances with the warmth and joy of Christmas.

Romancing the Doctor A person of learning and reason, the doctor may be knocked out of a comfort zone when some distracting romantic encounter rocks a medicine-dominated world. Wait until the confounding circumstances prove that work is never enough when life can offer so much more. Five delightful novellas in this historical collection prove the sidetrack of affection is well worth the wander. Romance isn’t merely the prescription for loneliness—it’s the resounding cure!

Romancing the Drifter A handsome drifter shows up, but he’s not all he confesses to be. Caught in a jam, circumstances force the heroine to extend a needy hand, so a bond of cooperation forms between them out of necessity. Can they put differences aside to overcome the looming obstacles ahead? Only true affection can level the path separating two independent hearts, but it will have to work overtime when a drifter rides into town. Enjoy these four historical romances when life was simpler and trust was built on integrity in the moment.
Romancing the Farmer Farm settings wrap these three historical novellas in fertile soil for nurturing romance. Discover how the power of love can transcend isolation, conflicting lifestyles, and downright cantankerous attitudes to bring each couple together. Small-town sweet meets earthy toil and sweat for an unexpected crop. Watch something promising grow on the ever-greening landscape of hope-filled determination when two hearts merge for happily ever after.
Romancing the Ranger  
Texas Rangers didn't just go after the lawless, they also stole hearts. In this collection of five historical romances, these hunky heroes find themselves in the toughest assignments ever...corralling romance.

Romancing the Preacher
Three sweet, contemporary romances where love is guided by a heavenly hand.

Romancing the Wild  There is no better way to celebrate one hundred years of America's national parks than with romance!

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