Thursday, December 31, 2020

"TOP TEN" or 20 - Favorites from 2020 with the Inkwell Inspirations Reviewers - Paula Shreckhise

All lists are alphabetical by author and all are 2020 releases.
Top 5 Debut novels.

Duffy, Kimberly- A Mosaic of Wings
Clark, Ashley- The Dress Shop on King Street
Cox, Amanda- The Edge of Belonging
McDaniel, Rachel- Above The Fold
Powner, Katie- The Sowing Season

Top 10 Suspense novels
Coble, Colleen- One Little Lie
Eason, Lynette- Acceptable Risk
Hannon, Irene- Point of Danger
Harris, Lisa- The Escape
McNear, Shannon- The Blue Cloak
Mehl, Nancy- Dead End
Threadgill, Tom- Collision of Lies
Stover, Sharee- Grave Christmas Secrets
Walters, Natalie- Silent Shadows
Warrens, C.C.- Imperfect Justice

Top 12 Historical novels
Barratt, Amanda- The White Rose Resists
Cobb, Rachelle Rae- Follow the Dawn
Dykes, Amanda- Set The Stars Alight
Griep, Michelle- The House at the End of the Moor
McDaniel, Rachel- The Red Canary
Politano, Joanna- The Love Note
Sproles, Cindy- What Momma Left Behind
Sundin, Sarah- The Land Beneath Us
Thompson, Linda- The Mulberry Leaf Whispers
White, Roseanna- On Wings of Devotion
White, Roseanna- Portrait of Loyalty
Wright, Jaime Jo- The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus 
Many of these stories have been reviewed on the Inkwell Inspirations blog by our reviewers, including, of course, Paula. You can search by using the SEARCH THIS BLOG option to the right. Enjoy the beautiful covers below!


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  1. Paula, thank you so much for this wonderful shoutout! It is SUCH a thrill to see Mulberry listed along with so many fabulous books and authors. Thank you for all you do to promote Christian fiction--it means a great deal!


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