Friday, December 11, 2020

THEN AGAIN, MAYBE by Susan Tuttle, Reviewed by Kim Ann

Wow! Very rarely do I have no words, (just ask my husband lol) but that is how I felt when I finished Then Again, Maybe by Susan Tuttle. This story is pretty much perfection! Go. Buy. It. In fact, not only should you buy this book, but just buy everything Susan Tuttle has written. I feel like leaving my review there because I’m sure I won’t do this story justice with my review, but here it is...

I loved this story - literally everything about it. Seriously, my only complaint is that it ended. I have been wanting Micah and Belle’s story since I finished At First Glance where they were secondary characters. I was sure there was no way Micah could be redeemed. Thankfully, I was completely wrong, not only did Ms. Tuttle beautifully redeem him, she made me feel for him, root for him, and love him. My heart literally ached for him at one point in the story. Let me just say, Susan Tuttle knows how to write a redemption story!
I also loved Belle and how she had grown and changed since we were first introduced to her. I thought she was perfect in her reactions to Micah and his unexpected return to her and their daughter, Anna. Speaking of Anna, what a perfect little addition to this story. I absolutely loved her.

I cannot wait for the next story that we get from Susan Tuttle. I’m pretty sure I know who the main characters are and I cannot wait!! Excellent story! I’m sure this will be in my top reads of 2020
*I bought this book and am not required to provide a review. The faith element is light. 
BackCover Blurb:
Former beauty queen Belle Thornton knows what it is to think she has it all, only to discover she never valued what was truly important. Raising her daughter and building a thriving thrift shop that helps single mothers like herself has taught Belle what the word beautiful really means. Unfortunately, thanks to her shady landlord, Belle must toss those hard-earned dollars into the money-pit of a rental that houses both her tiny apartment and her business or risk the city closing her doors. When funds dwindle as quickly as her to-do list grows, she is forced to rely on the absolute last rescuer she’d choose: Micah Shaw.

Leaving Belle at the altar, pregnant, was the worst choice Micah ever made. He returns home, hoping to reconcile with Belle and their toddler. While balancing his medical residency with caring for his ailing mother, he strives to win Belle’s heart again and ensure her business remains open. Helping with that is the easy part. Chiseling through the rock encompassing Belle's heart is more of a challenge, but one he’s determined to conquer.

If only he could get her to realize that a new lease on love may be their best collaboration of all.
Bling Romance, Nov 2020
Available in digital ebook and paperback:
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