Friday, August 6, 2021

THE COTTAGE ON GHOST LANE by Christy Barritt, Reviewed by Rebecca Maney

"This whole place was filled with memories."

Cole Dalton arrives at his Hatteras Island beach cottage hoping to spend some time processing the heavy weight of grief that has threatened to suffocate him since the tragic death of his wife. Instead, he finds an intruder. What could someone possibly want to steal from a half-renovated coastal retreat? And why would they try to kill him in the process?

More and more things don't add up. Cole gets the distinct feeling that someone is watching him. And then he finds something quite unexpected tucked away in his kitchen. His cottage on Ghost Lane already has a haunting history, will Cole be able to break the cycle or forced to write another chapter on his own?

"Only one of them could win right now. He waited to see whom it would be."

Loved this quick, intense, and ultimately cozy read! 3.5 stars
*I purchased a copy and was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

BackCover Blurb:
Each house has a history. Each person has a secret. Each turn of events leads to danger.

Come back to me.

Cole Dalton’s wife, Caroline, had the words etched onto a pendant for him. Each time he deployed overseas as a military bomb tech, she stitched the pendant into his uniform. Cole returned safely from the battlefield . . . only to bury his wife after a tragic car accident.

Cole moves into their beachside cottage to both heal and find closure after Caroline’s death. But on the first day he arrives, he finds an intruder searching for something and desperate enough to kill.

Mysterious incidents continue to occur, leading Cole to ask: Was Caroline hiding something in the months before she died? But what? And why?

As danger closes in and a storm lingers off the coast, Cole must find answers. But ghosts of the past have a stranglehold on him. With his heart on the line, he must overcome the grief haunting him . . . or his story will become part of his cottage’s tragic history.

River Heights Publishing, July 1, 2021
Available in digital ebook and paperback:



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