Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. As a group we Inkies have a lot to be thankful for. God has been beyond gracious in bringing us together, and we believe that we have been rounded up for a purpose.

So today we are thankful for one another. And we are thankful for all of you who have made the Inkwell an exciting place to be.

Two questions to you:

1. How can we serve you better? Are there any topics you'd love us to cover?
2. What are you most thankful for today?

Hmm, maybe one more question. I love the Macy's parade in New York. Watching it is one of those traditions that make it Thanksgiving rather than just any day.

Will you be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?


  1. Hi Lisa. Great idea for a Thanksgiving post. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even our international friends.

    I will watch the Macy's Parade this morning.

    It's so hard to think of what I'm "most" thankful for. Honestly, not trying to sound pious here, but I think I'm "most" thankful for God's presence in my life. Don't know how I'd make it through a day without it.

  2. Do you Canadiennes even get the parade broadcast up there in the frozen north?

    And I'm with you Dina. There's so much turbulence in my life right now. If it weren't for God's presence I'd have been blown down a long time ago.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you to all the Inkwell Inspirations authors and contributors for the heartfelt, inspiring, funny and informative posts. More of the same, please : )

    The Macy's Parade was always a Thanksgiving tradition in our house. My grandfather loved the parade!

    I am most thankful for Faith, Family, Friends & Felines. The four corners of my world.

  4. Virginia we are so thankful you are an Inkspot! You always add to the conversation and we are blessed when you take the time to comment.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Lisa and all: I plan on watching Macy's TDP but found the McDonald's TDP instead. They said it's the 76th annual parade from Chicago but I don't think I've ever heard of it before.

    I'm thankful for all my friends, for my family, my animals and God's blessings. You're all in my prayers. Have a blessed day.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Inkies and our faithful visitors.

    I'm thankful for all of you, my family, God's grace in my life, and the Spirit's leading me into the wonder of writing.

    May God bless your dreams.

  7. Hello Inktropolis.
    I watched bits and pieces of the Macy's parade. I love it because it is the best of NY city. A city I love to visit (it's 5 hrs away) because it is unlike any other. History, the sound, the smells and the character of it is so alive!

    NY city is a great place to visit during the holiday. You feel like you're in your own movie.

    I'm thankful that God prepared me last year for the year I was going to have, and topped it off with so many blessings I could never had imagined! The Inkies and our friends have added incredible richness to my life.

    Sending a special cyber hug to Virginia!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    I missed the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade...a local high school band was invited to participate this year...much excitement in the valley over this 'honor'.

    Blessings to all.


  9. Hi Karen!! It's such an honor for any band to make it and I'm always disappointed how they get less than 30 seconds on the screen! Oh well.

    Thanks for checking in with us!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
    Today I most thankful for Skype, it helps to keep in touch with family and friends.
    Missed the parade but, Debra, we are suppose to visit NY city next friday.

  11. Hey ladies! My house smells like turkey...I have the boys peeling potatoes so I could sneak away for a minute. I have a lot to be thankful family, our health and home. God has brought great change to my life this year, and the Inkwell group has been one of the biggest blessings of all.

    I could be better served by receiving chocolate. Oh, wait, you don't mean me. Sorry.

    I watched a few minutes of the parade today. Fun.

    God bless you all today. I'm thankful for you!

  12. Y'all are so plenty of pie : )

  13. Okay, so this year's most memorable moment of the Macy's parade: a country western singer crooning: God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.

    Seriously?!?!? On the Thanksgiving Day parade?

  14. Hugs to you all. What a great day and I am so blessed to share it with family and friends. Even of the cyber variety.

  15. Confession: I have never watched the Macy's parade. I grew up watching the Hollywood Christmas parade pass beneath our balcony on Thanksgiving evening. (I lived above a mortuary right on Hollywood Blvd.) And of course, the Rose Parade on New Years Day was huge. In fact, I have a hard time taking a float seriously if it doesn't have flowers on it!

    As for what I'm thankful for... WOW, the list is pretty long. God gave me a wonderful family, so they're always at the top. And He's surrounded me with so many awesome friends. Even though most of them aren't close enough to see in person, the blessing of the internet lets us stay connected. What did we ever do without it???

  16. Lisa, I watched part of the Macy's parade. I'm thankful for my family, friends, and job, and like you, I'm thankful for all of the Inkies and our readers. And most of all, I'm thankful for God's grace. I hope everyone has a blessed upcoming year.


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