Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Television in My Mind

by Dina Sleiman

This week on Inkwell Inspirations we’ve been discussing television. You know, one of the coolest things about the television set is how easily you can turn it off. Just sit back on your couch. Hit a button on the remote. Et Voila!

Boy do I wish it was that easy to turn off my brain. Sometimes I get stuck on shows and stories that simply don’t belong in the head of a Christian believer. My mind gets to spinning, and I have difficulty bringing it under control. I don’t know where to find the “off” button.

But there is a way to change the channel in your mind.

A very simple way, although for some reason I didn’t figure it out until I was almost thirty years old. While it may be difficult to turn off your mind, you can flip the switch and imagine God instead. Picture talking through your problems with him. Envision relaxing with him on a mountain or at the beach. Fill your thoughts with songs of praise and thanksgiving. Fill your mind with stories and portraits of hope. Let the eyes of your heart be continually fixed on him.

I watched a beautiful movie in my mind a few weeks ago in church. During the worship service I decided to tune my imagination to meeting with God. And so without further ado, I bring to you an episode of “Time Spent With God” from the creative, if somewhat and wacky, mind of Dina Sleiman:

As my mouth moved in time with the words of the song*, Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come, I pictured myself surrounded by a multitude of witnesses. Millions of believers like tiny dots shouting their praise to the king. At a distance, I could barely make out the majestic throne of God. I needed to get closer. He was too far away. I couldn’t bear being so far removed from his presence. I wove my way through the crowd, pressing in toward him.

And suddenly, the scene shifted. God and I were together in a grassy meadow. Just the two of us. He took my hand, tugged me to him, and we swayed to the beat within the tall grass and colorful blossoms. I continued singing the words of the tune. Then I paused, as the meaning dawned.

Clothed in rainbows, of living color, flashes of lightening, rolls of thunder.

I stepped back from God and saw him clothed in glory and splendor, I took in his greatness and majesty. I saw his robe swimming with living, breathing colors, the lightening bolts in his hand, I heard the powerful crash of thunder. Who was I to dance with the king of kings? The creator of the entire universe? I fell to my face before him, prostrate on the ground.

God just chuckled. He pulled me up and lifted me high over his head, spinning me like a child against a backdrop of luminous sky. The scripture came to mind, “Humble thyself in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.”

Before long I found myself fading back into the multitudes. I scanned the crowd and realized that God desired to meet with each one of us face to face in intimate relationship. That God was big enough to be on his throne before throngs, and dancing with each of us all at once. But God looked across the crowd and gave me a little wink, as if to remind me of our special moment together. He especially loved me, just as he especially loved each of those millions of his children.

So why don't you spend a few minutes with him right now, worshipping with this incredible song. Allow God to speak deep within your heart. Tune the television in your mind to his amazing presence. Experience his beauty and his love today.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of “Time spent with God.” If you’re willing, please tell us about a movie that plays in your head.

* "Revelation Song" by Kari Jobe


  1. Beautiful, Dina. What a show. How can we watch any other channel when we've got the God of all creation on direct link?

    THanks for sharing your awesome experience. Such worship and praise really can carry us out of our 'head' and into that meeting place with God. I want that, every time.
    I hope everyone has a moment like this today in whatever way you find to worship and praise.

    Great Video.

  2. Amen, Deb. Although I love this song and this style of music, I've had amazing worship experiences with Catholic chants, old time hymns, and Messianic tunes as well.

  3. I loved it, Dina. Just absolutely loved it. Thank you for this inspiration. And it's not wacky at all. :-)

  4. Thanks, Susie. I'm glad you don't think the post is too wacky, but I promise you, I do have my crazy side too.

  5. Dina, I'd be so disappointed if you were planning to hide that crazy side.

  6. Dina, beautiful post :-) Thanks for sharing with us today.

  7. I love love love this sing. Definitely one of my favorites of all time. Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of what goes on in your head. It's beautiful and poetic. Perfectly fitting for you!

  8. Wow! This song is very powerful. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Wow! What a beautiful scene! The next time we sing that in church I might try to conjure up these images and put myself in the dream .. or come up with my own creative dream sequence! You are so clever.

  10. Lisa, I saw an interview with the singer, Kari Jobe, and she said she thinks this is God's favorite song. I think that's entirely possible since it's straight from the praises in Revelations.

  11. Welcome, Christ is Write. I don't think I've seen you here before. I just hopped over to your profile. Sounds like we have a lot in common. I'm into drama and dance too. If you look at our sidebar under "dance" you'll find two dance related posts I've written. One includes a video of my church dance ministry. Thanks for visiting and many blessings on your writing and other ministries.

  12. Bex, I take no credit for being clever. Despite having a vivid and unruly imagination my entire life, I never thought to tune it to God in this way until I went to a seminar in 1998 about "Communion with God."

    The speaker said one thing that changed my life. The word "meditate" in Hebrew can be translated as "imagine." I always tried to talk to God with logical thoughts and verbal exchanges by thinking words at God. My relationship with him was very anemic. Once I caught hold of this concept, my prayer life was immediately transformed. I had over a month of what some denominations call a "Mountain Top" or "Ecstatic" experience with God.

    This concept has permanently changed my life, and so I love to share it with others any chance I get.

  13. One parting thought. There are many scripture about our spiritual eyes and the eyes of heart. Yesterday morning in church we sang another one of my favorite songs.

    "Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in his wonderful face. And the things of earth, will grow vaguely dim, in the light of his glory and grace."

    From the bottom of my heart, I believe intimate relationship with God and keeping our inner eyes fixed on him is the key to true peace, joy, and freedom in Christ. All of our worries and cares fade away when exposed to the light of his glory.


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