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Next Week: Blog-o-versary is here!

Somewhere about a year ago, Inkwell Inspirations posted its first blog. What have we learned? How have we changed? What has twelve months brought us in our lives, our writing, our faith?

Over the next week or two, the Inkies will post updates. Please come by and share in what God has done!

Sunday Devotional: Dina Sleiman

Then, Blog-o-versary kicks off, come join the party! -

Monday - Debra-o-Marvin

Tuesday - Gina-oh-Well-born

Wednesday - Lisa-KO-Richardson

Thursday - Anita-Mayo-Draper

Friday - Susannaversary Dietz

Saturday book review - NEW!!!!!!! BACK LIST SATURDAY!

Once a month our Saturday book reviews will feature a back list of older books connected by a theme. Next Saturday, Gina Welborn features Christian authors who write for the ABA (secular market publishers) rather than, or in addition to, the CBA (Christian publishers). Stop in and visit! I found myself a new book and author while sneaking a peak!

Thank you Lord for our Inky sisters and all the new friends we've made. Bless our visitors, those who comment and those who don't. We appreciate them all. Bless our words Lord, that they may encourage, edify and entertain and remind us that we're writing for YOU. Guide our hearts and minds to turn our love of writing over to you to be used for your purposes.


  1. OK. What's that chocolate looking thing in the picture?? Looking forward to next week - congrats!

  2. Jan. I don't know. It was just too luscious to ignore.

  3. Deb, I love being called Susannaversary! You can give me a nickname anytime.


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