Saturday, August 7, 2010

Next Week: Unwind with Toys, Games and Hobbies

As much as we enjoy reading as a way to relax, I suppose there is something to say about getting up off that chair and doing something active and interactive.

I can't think of it at the moment.

Thanks to last week's guest Beth Shriver and if you missed today's book review, scroll on down for a book review by Gina Welborn.

Have you noticed our new PAGES across the top of the blog? We are "in process"--September brings our first blog-o-versary followed by some upgrades, changes, tweaks. Summer road construction. Whatever you call it, we're excited about enhancements for our second year.

Change is good, right? (No one really believes that if they are the one dealing with change)


Inkwell Inspirations is hosting Abingdon Fiction's Blog Tour on Monday August 9th. Our own Abingdon Author, Jennifer AlLee, will review Judy Christie's Goodness Gracious Green and . . .
we are thrilled to distribute FIVE FREEBIE COPIES to
FIVE INKWELL FRIENDS who leave a comment!

Author Judy Christie has "gone to green".

Join us next week, August 8th through 14th for:

Sunday Devotional: Anne Mateer

Monday: Jennifer AlLee reviews GOODNESS GRACIOUS GREEN by Judy Christie

Tuesday: Susanne Dietze

Wednesday: Niki Turner hosts our guest, debut author LIZ JOHNSON

Thursday: Patti Lacy

Friday: Gwen Stewart

Saturday Book Review: Lisa Karon Richardson

And now for some real fun. And no, I didn't have one, but I wanted one:


  1. I needed this laugh.

  2. LOL, that's great Deb. I hadn't heard of them :)

  3. LOL, that's great Deb. I hadn't heard of them :)

  4. My kids ran to my side when I pushed play on that video. My son is now demanding these creepy crawlers. I owe you, Deb. I owe you!

  5. Hi Ladies, I've been out of town enjoying myself - with NO INTERNET Access. Thought I was going to go crazy.

    I didn't have a creepy crawler machine myself but I did get to go to a few homes that did. It was really cool!!!! Silly things would show up in school and believe me the didn't look real (no insect, scorpion, spider, etc came in those colors...) but made a good prank by boys against we females!

    I didn't get the EZ bake oven either.

    Glad you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane!


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