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Next Week: Potpourri

In other words, I don't know any more than you do about what's coming up but I do know who's posting!

Did you see?
Today's Book Review - Niki Turner discusses VANISHING ACT by Liz Johnson...scroll on down and check it out!

Thank you to our guest bloggers last week:

Myra Johnson

Dan Walsh

This week:

Sunday Devotional - Susanne Dietz

Monday - Gwen Stewart

Tuesday - Niki Turner
Wednesday - Jennifer AlLee and her new blog The Pastor's Wife Speaks!

Thursday - Wenda Dottridge

Friday - Guest blogger, Author Laurie Alice Eakes

We can't keep up with all of Laurie Alice's latest releases!

Saturday Book Review - Jennifer AlLee

Then.... Our two week BLOG O VERSARY Starts followed by a new theme line up in September! Come and visit during our celebration, comment and be eligible for thank you gifts! We're excited about what our second year of blogging will bring!