Thursday, August 12, 2010

It’s All Fun and Games…and Mind-BOGGLE-ing

by Patti Lacy

It started as good, clean fun. Bro and I loved the clanking of the letters as we shook the plastic cube. We loved the excuse of a family vacation to reenact a World War.

Then a dictionary entered the scene.

A CPA who could check, double-check, and triple-check the score sheet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the world of family Boggle!

For some of you, it’s Scrabble. Does an on-line dictionary sit as judge and jury? Or do you give Hasbro, or whichever corporate giant is behind America's #1 word game, your hard-earned green and buy the Official Scrabble Dictionary?

Boggle builds vocabulary. Boggle increases the synapse firing of our slowly dying gray matter. Boggle, in our family, is a cardiovascular EXERCISE!!!

Did I mention that in our family, card games, Trouble, Apples to Apples have birthed tiffs? Have blazed in psychedelic colors the competitive streaks that run deep into our psyche?
These games have also sparked belly laughs. Enhanced an atmosphere of learning.

It’s mind-Boggling what one box of cubed letters has done for family relationships.

What games draw your family close? Are they of the word game genre?

Boggle your family…TODAY!!!

This post is dedicated to my brother Colonel Roy Qualls, F-15 squadron commander, veteran of the Gulf War, Katrina, Gustav, and a wonderful father, husband and friend. It’s been too long, BRO!!


  1. Boggle is a favorite game at our house. And one of the few I can woop my son at!

  2. Funny, My brother and I would usually spend many late nights in the summer as kids getting yelled at for being up at midnight still playing a Scrabble game that started at 9. Anyways,we do have a Scrabble Dictionary because my brother would not be satisfyed otherwise.

  3. We have an official Scrabble dictionary as well. My dad is famous, or rather, infamous for some of the words he's tried to pawn off on unsuspecting victims.

    I haven't played Boggle in years, but now I think I have the itch.

  4. I LOVE Boggle--but no one will play it with me at my house. Ditto with scrabble. So I indulge by playing Words with Friends (like scrabble) on my ipod touch. Not the same as being in the room, but I love getting to challenge my mind making random letters into words.

  5. Boggle is great fun. But you now have to try Bananagrams. Believe me you'll love it as much if not more than Boggle. keep a dictionary handy as well. Bananagrams doesn't seem to be available in any stores but you can find it online.

    Boggle tends to create neck kinks and strained eyes!

    Anne, I have Words with Friends but I haven't used it. I fear the outcome of getting involved in that one!

    Good choice, Patti. Thanks for the reminder that it's been too long since Boggle.
    Bananagrams travels better, too, by the way.
    Send your brother our regards too!
    You must be so proud of him.

    thanks Gina!

  6. Sounds like some competitive folks out there! We should'a given away a Boggle game or something.

    Deb, I just bought Bananagrams at a cool bookstore in Woodstock, Illinois. Plan to give it to my daughter for Christmas (hope she doesn't read this)

    Blessings, all!

  7. Well Patti, I've never played Boggle. We never played word games as I was growing up and I would have fainted if either of my parents had sat down and played with us.

    After Nelson and I got married, however, we bought a Scrabble game, Trivial Pursuit, Canada Quiz, and all sorts of mind games. Competitive - who us? Nah.

    Good post, Patti, and congrats on signing the 2 book deal with Bethany House. Woo hoo! You worked so hard for this. May God continue to bless you as you keep writing what's on your heart.

    Anita Mae.

  8. Anita, it's just a one-book deal right now!
    Thanks for that encouragement to write His stories! Good to know I have you on my side!!! We writers have to hang together, you know?!!!


  9. Oh, we love games over here, Patti. Apples to Apples is fun. Sequence is a favorite. We've howled with the other nuts on the family tree over "Who-What-When-Where-Why" and "Occupations." (It's good some things stay in the family; there are those who'd say we need a therapist. Just sayin'.)

    Right now, it's outdoor games like Kubb and Corn Hole. Those guys had me lying on the ground (literally), laughing like a hyena with that last one.

    Love it. So do the boys.

  10. Patti, your post inspired a whole host of memories. Boggle is a great game. (I think this theme has been wonderful!)

    Congratulations on signing with Bethany House, Patti. I can't wait to hold this book in my hands!

  11. Okay, I'm 'fessing up. I have NEVER played Boggle. Oh dear.
    But I can SO relate to this post... My dad had a knack for making up additional rules during Monopoly games. My mom eventually refused to play anymore!


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