Sunday, November 7, 2010

Develop a God Consciousness

by Dina Sleiman

For in him we live and move and have our being...Acts 17:28

Today I would like to talk briefly about developing a God consciousness. I don't mean a God conscience, where we feel guilty if we do something wrong. I think we hear quite enough about that in Christianity. And I don't mean the sort of God consciousness where you are constantly looking over your shoulder worried that you've done something to make God mad at you, and he's about to strike you with lightning. In fact, when we spend all of our time focusing on our own mistakes, we're actually being self-conscious.

I mean the sort of God consciousness where you are aware of God all around you. God's presence in the very air you breathe, in the sunshine, the rolling clouds, the birdsong, the laugh of a child, the eyes of a homeless man. I mean when you are totally in love with God and are overwhelmed by how in love he is with you. I mean when you have full confidence that Christ has reconciled you to God, and you have no reason to hide from him. I mean when God permeates every aspect of your life.

A band named Flyleaf has an amazing song on this topic called "All Around Me." Two years ago I choreographed a worship dance to it. Enjoy this piece performed by three teens from my church, including my daughter Christiana in the gold dress.

How do you best sense God's presence? When are you most aware of him all around you? What helps you to experience the reality of God in your life?


  1. I'm most aware of His presence when I spend time with Him daily. Without that daily interaction, it's hard for me to get my eyes off myself and my own life. And if I'm having trouble focusing to pray, I throw a blanket over my head. Seriously. I've even done that on airplanes. Hey, it works for caged birds to shut them up! Apparently it works to shut up all the "extra" voices.

  2. Lovely thoughts Dina and Niki.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful video!

  3. Niki, love the blanket over the head idea.

  4. Thanks, Deb. The teens went for dramatic lighting that day, but hopefully you can all see it well enough.

  5. Beautiful post, beautiful thoughts! I think by abiding in Him, spending time with Him like I do a treasured friend, is so important. Lately, I've been aware of how He delights me in little tailor-made ways, often very small but wrapped in His love. I hope I don't ever lose sight of that.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Laura. I've heard such great thing lately about your writing. Can't wait to check out some of your books.

  7. Very well done, Dina. I like your choreography - and your words.

    I most feel His presence when I step outside. It doesn't matter when, but it's more prevalent in the morning. Before, when we had the barn animals, I'd raise my hands in worship (milk bucket high) on the way to the barn. Now, I'm on my way to my office garage and am usually carrying a mug of coffee, laptop bag, etc. But I'm worshipping inside. And it's not because of the sun on my face - I feel the same in all sorts of weather. It's like I'm closer to God outside.

    Or is it that I'm more aware of his incredible creations outside because most of the stuff in the house is manmade?

    Anita Mae.

  8. I always feel more in touch with God outside too, Anita. But at least I have a lot of big windows in my house.

  9. Dina, I really liked your choreography and the way you showed your heart in worship through dance.

  10. Thanks, Cheryl. I should mention the girls all helped with the choreography too, especially on their solos.

  11. Stunning video, Dina! I've never seen anything like that before, but I the concept!

    I feel closest to God when I'm listening - really listening - to praise and worship music. Music has always spoken to my soul.

  12. Thanks, Delia. I think for anyone who enjoys God through music, dance can take you to another level. That way you get to see and hear (or feel if you are the dancer) the music.


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