Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas Romance Backlist

compiled by Anita Mae Draper

I never realized there were so many Christmas books until I started putting this backlist together. I was going to break it down into single titles only, but what that would leave out the people who like reading the Barbour 'weekend read' anthologies. So, I decided to concentrate on last year alone. There were still to many, so I broke it down ever further. Because I only read and write Romance, all these books are of that genre.

Part of the problem I had compiling the list is that publishers don't seem to keep track of their books once they've sold out. Some of the publishers don't list their backlist books and at least one of the ones that do didn't include a month of release. Wthout a book cover or date, I had no way of knowing what had been released or what was a Christmas/Holiday book.

A big thank you goes out to an Australian reader known on many inspirational blogs as AusJenny who compiled and forwarded a huge list which contained many of the Barbour titles and dates among others.

Gina Welborn put out a call for Christmas books on the ACFW loop and we did get some response from authors who wished to be included.

So here is the list of Christmas Romances for 2009. If I missed anyone, please send the details to the Inkwell address in the right column and I'll add you.


A Forever Christmas
by Missy Tippens
Love Inspired Nov 2009

Bluegrass Christmas
by Allie Pleiter
Love Inspired Oct 2009

His Christmas Bride
by Dana Corbit
Love Inspired Dec 2009

Love Love Finds You in Holiday, Florida
by Sandra D. Bricker
Summerside Press Dec 2009

Love Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska
by Loree Lough
Summerside Press Oct 2009

One Imperfect Christmas
by Myra Johnson
Abingdon Press Sep 2009

Silent Night in Dry Creek
by Janet Tronstad
Love Inspired Oct 2009

The Great Christmas Bowl
by Susan May Warren
Tyndale Aug 2009

The Perfect Gift
by Lenora Worth
Love Inspired Oct 2009

The Soldier's Holiday Vow
by Jillian Hart
Love Inspired Dec 2009

Together for the Holidays
by Margaret Daley
Love Inspired Dec 2009

Contemporary Anthology

An Amish Christmas, Thomas Nelson Sep 09
- A Choice to Forgive by Beth Wiseman
- A Miracle for Miriam by Kathleen Fuller
- One Child by Barbara Cameron


Blessings of the Season, Love Inspired Nov 2009
- The Holiday Husband by Annie Jones
- The Christmas Letter by Brenda Minton

Christmas Homecoming, Barbour Publishing Sep 2009
- Silver Bells by Debby Mayne
- The First Noelle by Paige Winship Dooly
- I'll Be Home for Christmas by Elizabeth Ludwig
- O Christmas Tree by Beth Goddard

Christmas Love at Lake Tahoe,  Barbour Publishing Sep 2009
- No Thank You by Lena Nelson Dooley
- The Christmas Miracle by Jeanie Smith Cash
- Shelter in Seattle by Jean Kincaid
- Dating Unaware by Jeri Odell

Contemporary Suspense

A Season of Secrets
by Marta Perry
Love Inspired Suspense Sep 2009

Mistletoe and Murder
by Florence Case
Love Inspired Suspense Nov 2009


Yuletide Protector
by Lisa Mondello
Love Inspired Suspense Dec 2009

Contemporary Suspense Anthology


Christmas Peril, Love Inspired Suspense Dec 2009
- Merry Mayhem by Margaret Daley
- Yule Lie by Debby Giusti


Cowboy Christmas
by Mary Connealy
Barbour Publishing Sep 2009

Gingham Bride
by Jillian Hart
Love Inspired Historical Nov 2009

Her Patchwork Family
by Lyn Cote
Love Inspired Historical Dec 2009

Love Finds You in Bethlehem, New Hampshire
by Lauralee Bliss
Summerside Press Oct 2009

The Christmas Journey
by Winnie Griggs
Love Inspired Historical Oct 2009

The Glassblower
by Laurie Alice Eakes
Heartsong Presents Nov 2009
Historical Anthology

A Blue & Gray Christmas, Barbour Sep 2009
- Beloved Enemy by Vickie McDonough
- Till Death Do Us Part by Lauralee Bliss
- Courage of the Heart by Tamela Hancock Murray
- Shelter in the Storm by Carrie Turansky

A Victorian Christmas, HeartQuest Sep 2009 
- Angel in the Attic/Lone Star/Under His Wings/Behold the Lamb
by Catherine Palmer

Mistletoe Courtship, Steeple Hill Historical Dec 2009
- Christmas Bells for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad
- The Christmas Secret by Sara Mitchell

Wild West Christmas, Barbour Publishing Sep 2009
- Charlsey's Accountant by Lena Nelson Dooley
- Plain Trouble by Kathleen Y'Barbo
- A Breed Apart by Vickie McDonough
- Lucy Ames, Sharpshooter by Darlene Franklin

I would have liked to include more years in this list but it'll take a while to load as it is. But, if you know of an Inspirational Christmas romance released in 2009, please inform me or the Inkwell.

I hope you take time out from this hectic holiday season and treat yourself to a good read.


  1. Phew! that's a lot of stories. I do like the idea of anthologies for this season. I've only read one of these books so far - A Forever Christmas by Missy Tippens. Loved it!

    Thanks for all your hard work, Anita Mae! Coming on the heels of NaNoWriMo, especially.

    Happy Christmas to one and all!

  2. You're welcome, Deb. At one point it crossed my mind that I could fit another year or two - or even author links - if I didn't include book covers. But I couldn't NOT include them, you know? If this is a Christmas post, I want Christmas pics.

    And then I look at the book cover from Love Finds You In Holiday, Florida and all I can think of is Margaret Daley. LOL

    For those who don't know our new ACFW president, Margaret has a thing for flamingoes. :D

    Thanks, Deb.

  3. Oh, yup, you're right. I recall that from Margaret's (Madame President) website/blog.

    I think we'll be doing these backlist themes for awhile. Probably by next year, we can add more to the backlists. Gina had a great idea. She's like that.

    I'm promoting Celtic themed/settings in March so I'll be going door to door in Feb, or taking suggestions anytime prior. I think that will be dangerous for my TBR pile.

  4. Yes, Gina did have an excellent idea. And I hope we can continue with these. In fact, I now have info on about 200 Christmas books so I'd like to put my name in for next year.

    Celtic themed/settings sounds great for March. I'll be looking forward to that list. :)

    Anita Mae.

  5. Thanks, ladies, for including these! It's fun to see our books get another go-around. :)

    Debra, I'm so glad you enjoyed my book!

  6. Hi Missy!
    I really did. I love how you incorporated the Christmas theme because I think your original story wasn't Christmas themed, right?

    I'd love to see it as a Hallmark movie. Seriously! I think it'd be a perfect fit.

  7. Well, the original proposal was very different, but I honestly can't remember if it was Christmas themed! :)

    Boy, wouldn't that be a dream come true to see one of my books as a movie! Why don't you call them? LOL

  8. Anita, what a great list! So much work went into your post.

    I've read and enjoyed several of the books on this list, but there are many here I haven't heard of yet! I love Christmas stories and I'm one of those fans of the Barbour anthologies, too. Thanks for your hard work!

  9. I love Christmas Romance novels! The covers alone pull me in and get me all in the Christmas spirit.
    Great list!

  10. Thanks, Anita Mae, for including Christmas Peril in your list! I enjoyed working with Margaret on the two-in-one anthology.

    Merry Christmas! Can't believe it's almost here.

  11. Wow this is a great idea. Thanks for compiling this. I have read several of these but now I will head over to Amazon to see if I can track down a few more!

  12. My, what a list! There are a lot of Christmas books out there. I find this time of year can give a sense of hope reflected in the birth of Jesus. Thanks, Anita Mae, for the list.

  13. Susie and Missy - you're welcome.

    Cheryl - Another one who loves the covers. Thanks :D

    Debby - It was a pleasure to add your name since I love reading your books, too. :)

    Tina - You're welcome but I can't take all the credit. It was Gina's idea and AusJenny who jumped in to help. I hope the Seekers don't mind sharing her. She's a treasure. :)

    Margaret - You're welcome. And I agree with you on the hope which is why I love inspirational books. Especially the romance ones. However, I'm still not crazy about that flamingo on the cover of Sandra's Christmas book. Maybe if they wore knitted scarves and touques? Haha

  14. I just bought the Amish Christmas one from a discount store. Will probably use it as a gift. It's hard back and very pretty.

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