Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome Award-Winning Author Linda Goodnight!

By Linda Goodnight

 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

For years, I would skim right over this verse of scripture. It seemed so contradictory. How can you have evidence of something you don’t see? How can you have the substance of something that doesn’t exist?

Well, I think I finally got it. Faith means dreaming the impossible until it comes to pass. Faith is looking into your heart and knowing even when the natural realm says exactly the opposite of what you’re believing for. Faith is holding fast to what God has promised no matter what.

Deep stuff, huh? So how do I apply this to my life? To my career? To my family? How can I have faith when it seems so impossible?

Recently, I read a nonfiction book by Debbie MacomberKNIT TOGETHER, that helped me get a stronger grasp on the meaning of this verse. In it, Debbie talks about her struggles but much more about her faith, her optimism, her determination to believe for the impossible. She made a list. On that list were wild, out-of-reach things like the NY Times Bestseller List, meeting some famous people she admired, having a book turned into a movie, and others. At the time, she was not the Debbie Macomber. She was a dyslexic mom trying to write category romance. Others would have laughed at her outlandish list. But Debbie intrinsically understood the meaning of Hebrews 11:1. She had faith. In her heart and in her mind, she visualized the good things she desired. She prayed for them, worked for them, daydreamed herself in those rolls. To date, Debbie has attained almost everything on her list.

Now, am I saying we will all be NY Times bestsellers? Nope. I’m saying we all have the capacity to dream big, and we serve a God who loves to give “good and perfect gifts” to His children. The God of the impossible loves to bless us, to see us succeed, to cheer us on from His Heavenly throne. (Can’t you just visualize Him up there, leaning forward in eagerness, clapping and smiling? “Go, child, go!”)

So go ahead. Make a list. Dream big. Give your dreams to the Father who loves you more than you love your own child. Begin to see (in your heart and mind) those things come to pass.

And remember: Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What are you hoping for today?

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Winner of the RITA Award for excellence in inspirational fiction, Linda Goodnight has also won the Booksellers’ Best, ACFW Book of the Year, and a Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times Magazine. Linda has appeared on the Christian bestseller list and her romance novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Active in orphan ministry, this former nurse and teacher enjoys writing fiction that carries a message of hope and light in a sometimes dark world. She and husband Gene live in Oklahoma with their daughter, Masha.

Widow Amy James can't get through grocery shopping in Treasure Creek, Alaska, without a marriage proposal. And she's hardly flattered. Most of her "suitors" are after the treasure her great-grandfather had buried on her property. But only one man promised her late husband he'd take care of her and the boys: police chief Reed Truscott. True, Reed is handsome and honest and makes her feel safe. But his honorable marriage proposal is about obligation—not love. Unless he can convince her that his Christmas wish is to join her family forever.


  1. I love the premise of your story, Linda. great cover, too!

    Some of these verses we 'know' so well, often feel like a sign you see but don't really READ. I love when the words hit with new realization and I can really comprehend the full meaning. Thanks for a thoughtful insight into this verse.

    Welcome to the Inkwell, we appreciate your visit and the opportunity for all of us to get to know you better. Loved your post.

  2. Hi Linda,

    I have a whole scene in my medieval book with a conversation about the verse you mentioned as they try to unravel the Latin version.

    My big dream right now, probably the same one that many of my Inky sisters share--to get that elusive first publishing contract. I would also like to start a speaking ministry for women at some point and teach at writers conferences. Not in a big rush on those two, though, since I still have children at home.

  3. Debra, thank you for the welcome.

    Dina, thank you for sharing your two big dreams. I love that. I love hearing what God has birthed in others' hearts. Go, child go!!

  4. EEK! I forgot something. Today I will be giving away a packet of my latest three books, including THE LAWMAN'S CHRISTMAS WISH. Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing!'

  5. Welcome to the Inkwell, Linda. You've been on my auto-buy list from the first time I read one of your books. I guess I'm not the only one who loves them. Congrats on your awards. :D

    I have always been a dreamer, a doubter and a ... faith-er ? (Why isn't there a short word for a person who has lots of faith?)

    And between the 3 ACFW and 1 RWA conference I've attended, I'm seen a multitude of people accepting book and manuscript awards. And now I'm even dreaming of giving an acceptance speech. It's a recurring dream where I try to remember to thank everyone but there's so many... And if it wasn't for Debbie Macomber and her lists, I'd feel like a pride-ful person who thought too much of herself. I may never make it to the podium - but if I don't, it will be because I didn't do everything I could with the gift He's given me.

    Thanks for offering the prize pkg, Linda. I've added it to your post.

    Anita Mae.

  6. I love your books. I was so happy when i came across them. I'm very proud of you. When i was looking at walmart to see if they had this new book i even recommended it to a few people who were in that section. Congrats. I would love to get my books signed by the way :)
    Much love
    Heather Kittrell Endecott

  7. Anita Mae, I, too, used to dream of making that acceptance speech! I'm living proof that those dreams DO come true. Not a thing prideful about that as long as our motivations are right and our heart is upturned toward Him instead of inturned toward us. (Is inturned a word?) lol Probably not....

    Keep dreaming and believing.

  8. Heather, honey, thank you. I'm proud of you, too, and it's wonderful to be in contact again. You are so sweet to recommend my books to others, and of course, I will sign them for you. Maybe we can meet up at Walmart or the library sometime and do that??

    (Note: Heather is one of my former students!!) Love ya, child.

  9. Linda, thanks so much for sharing with us today! I love the premise of your newest release and can't wait to read it.

    That's such a powerful verse, but I confess I've never looked at it this way. I've always read it in the context of heaven. But you're right -- God does want us to dream big. He loves us. He cheers for us! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Wow, it's amazing to think that Debbie Macomber was once in the same shoes I'm in: a "mom trying to write category romance." :-)

    Thanks, Linda! Hope you're having a great day!

  10. Linda, I would love to win a copy of your book. It is so awesome to see you as a published author.

  11. Susanne, thanks for comment about the new book. It's a fun, light story with lots of Christmas in it, a dose of mystery and suspense, and a lot of warmth. I hope it gets everyone in the Christmas spirit.

    Like you, I was inspired by Debbie M's story.

  12. Hi Katrina, thanks for stopping in, and thank you for the nice commment. I've been so blessed in my writing career...It could only be because of God.

  13. Hi Linda! I love your books. Can't say I have a favorite although I think The Baby Bond comes close. They're all equally wonderful.

    I know what you mean. This verse is repeatedly constantly in Pentecostal circles, which made me confused and feeling as though I had no grasp whatsoever on faith when I was younger. Over the years, through circumstances and victories that the average person would never believe, I came into my own understanding of this verse.

    For my writing career, I believe I shall publish category romance with Harlequin, but also single titles, that reflect the faith experience as experienced with the African-American culture.

    I believe that I will freelance for national publications.

    I believe I will have a contract within the next three years.

    Anita, I love your recurring dream. It helps, even if there is no evidence, to visualize with the eye of faith. I love that!

  14. Patricia, what a wise person you are. I think there is a big market now for books about the African American experience and a real lacking in those that reflect their faith. Good luck with that dream--I just bet you're gonna get there!

  15. Don't forget your addresses if you'd like to be in the drawing!

    My dream - finish the edits, submit to the agent(s), agent representation and a sale. Hang on because there's a lot of people in this boat!

    Heather, I love your style. Nothing like word of mouth to sell a book!

    Patricia, we expect to see you published in the next three years OR LESS, as well.

  16. Yes, Debra, there's lots of people in the boat, but it's a big boat!!
    Good luck.

  17. It IS a big boat, but God's boat is big enough for all our dreams.
    I'm teaching tomorrow morning about Mary, mother of Jesus, and the faith she put in God to bring His promises to pass. Just one more reminder, DON'T GIVE UP!

  18. Well said, Linda!

    In the first ever writing class I took at a local community college, my teacher handed out index cards to each of us and told us to write our 5-yr writing goal. Mine was to sell to two different publishers and to make $8000. I never dreamed that would be possible since I hadn't sold anything at that point. Well, four years later, I handed my card to my teacher, who'd become a friend, and told her I'd met my goals--a whole year early. What are my goals now? I'd love to see one of my books made into a movie. The Anonymous Bride would be a fun movie.

    You're an inspiration to me, Linda. I love your books!



  19. Great post! I loved Knitted together! Don't let the yarn on the cover fool you, it's a lovely and simple book about living life well and not limiting God. Great book to give someone who isn't into the "heavies"...

    Linda, the Lawman's Christmas looks AWESOME!!!!

  20. Vicki, hi! What a great testament to setting goals and working toward them. I agree--The Anonymous Bride would make a great movie. That's one of my big dreams too--to see my work on the Hallmark channel.

  21. Cheryl, I'm so glad you've read Knit Together, too. It is a lovely, simple, upbeat book. Early on she says something about thinking you're too old, too poor, not smart enough, etc., and that really spoke to me. Sometimes we (I) get hung up on our (my) shortcomings and forget that "in our weakness He is strong."

  22. Thanks for the encouragement, Linda.

    Thanks for the challenge, Debra. I'm working hard toward that end.

  23. Hello my favorite writer,
    I have almost finished reading your new book. Of course, you know I have all of your books. I am saving them for the girls. I might have to ask you to sign the new one for me. You are an outstanding writer and I look up to you.

  24. Anytime, Candy.
    I think it's so sweet that you are saving my books for your girls. Even I don't have all of them. lol

  25. Hi Linda! I like all of your books.Debbie Macomber's book called Knitted together is wonderful.Please enter me in the giveaway.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.Have a great week.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.


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