Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Hugeness of God

by Suzie Johnson

I recently attended a new Bible study class about the "hugeness" of God.

There is so much that could be done with the concept of God's hugeness; so many lessons that could be taught. But the first class in this study went in a direction I could never have imagined.

Even now, week's later, I'm still filled with wonder as I think about it.

It was amazing, delightful, and almost overwhelming. I was awestruck as I watched a demonstration of just how big God really is.

We watched a DVD filled with pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. I'd seen a couple of them before. But most were new to me. There were galaxies I'd never heard of. These two, millions of light years away, were my favorites.

The Sombrero Galaxy

The Whirlpool Galaxy

I always knew the universe was big. But I was struck anew at just how huge this universe, called into being by God, really is.

We were asked to write down our immediate reaction after watching the film. My reaction surprised me. After watching this, I should feel incredibly small. But I didn't feel that way at all. Instead, I wrote, "I feel so loved." It was chilly in the room that night, but as I wrote those words a warm feeling encompassed me.

As I've thought back over those amazing pictures taken in the huge expanse that is space, I thought about God and what his purpose was in creating the universe. Could it simply be about showing us the wonders he's capable of? About showing us his power? Maybe.

But then I had another thought. Maybe he wanted to show us that, in spite of how huge he is, God loves us as unique individuals. We're not just minute specks on a blip in this incredible universe. We are loved and adored by the very one capable of breathing all of this into being.

Imagine this. God knew us before we were even born. He knows our names, our thoughts, our hurts, and our laughter. In a universe so large, with so much happening every second, he never forgets about us. He still hears my prayers. He still gives me peace and comfort.

This is a picture of the center of the Whirlpool Galaxy, over twenty milllion light years away:

Photos courtesy of Hubble Site:


  1. Love your pictures and the thought that went with it. Wish I could begin to comprehend Him, but since I can't I'll just bask in His affection.

    What a blessing!

  2. Lisa, what an awesome way to put it. And yes, that's exactly what I think he desires for us to do.

  3. Thank you Suzie.
    Your post just reminded me of the video called "The Star of Bethlehem".

    You can find excerpts of it on u-tube... I really need to see it again and again.

  4. Cool thoughts and pictures. I've heard that the universe has to be exactly this size for everything to come together to support life on earth as we know it. I would say that supports your idea of how loved we are.

  5. So... that photo looks like a cross, right? How cool is that?

    Thanks Suzie. I can only comprehend this once in awhile.

    One winter night years ago there was a bright circle of light, like a sun dog, around the moon. It was so amazing, I got out of the truck and looked up at the zenith of the sky and there it was. It might be called a snow dog, I don't know. An incredible worship song was on the radio and I just stood there, awestruck.

    It's easiest for me to BEGIN to comprehend the hugeness of God when I'm at the ocean on an empty beach--but how limited that is compared to our universe and all the universes that surround us.

    That's one reason I love that song INDESCRIBABLE.

  6. Hi Cheryl, I will check out that you tube video tonight. I can't wait to see it.

  7. Dina,

    That is such an interesting thought. I love it.

  8. Deb, they played Indescibable during this video. It's one of my favorites, too.

    Re the seems to be a recurring theme. Something they talked about in the next video, and perhaps even more amazing, was about our genetic code. Forgive me if I don't get this exactly right. There is some gene or molecule in our body that holds all of the cells together. Oh, I know I'm not saying this runs throughout our bodies. Upon microscopic examination, it looks like a cross. I was absolutely floored when I saw that, and when I came home, I googled it and sure enough, the video was correct.

  9. I love this post, Suzie. What a testimony to the glory and otherness of God.

    This summer we saw the Hubble movie in Imax and I entertained many of the same thoughts when I looked at the photos they've captured through the Hubble. Our universe is glorious and astounding, created by a huge, mighty God!

  10. Awesome, Susie. If I ever get a chance to see that Imax, I will. There is a new space museum we're going to visit in Oregon next year. I think they show that Imax movie.

  11. I was only just chatting with my husband last night about how the sun is exactly in the right spot. If it was any closer we would burn, if it was any further away we would freeze.

    God is amazing by all accounts. The way the universe and nature works blows me away!

  12. Hi Sally,

    It is amazing the way God put the universe in place. Also, the more I study the human body, the more I see his work there as well. Only our God...yes, he truly is amazing.

  13. Heard a wonderful minister say, "Look at the palm of your hand. That's the universe. Somewhere in there is the Milky Way, and in the Milky Way is the Earth, and you are somewhere on the earth with your problem. God measures the universe in the palm of His hand." Puts our problems in perspective!
    Great post, Suzie!

  14. Oh, Niki, thank you. I love that. Yes, it certainly does put things in perspective,


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