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THE MAKING OF MRS HALE by Carolyn Miller, Reviewed by Susan Snodgrass and Winnie Thomas

Susan's Review:

'She should have known it was too much to ask for help from a God she scarcely believed in.'

When I read Carolyn Miller's very first novel, I knew I had found a wonderful author. Miller writes a top-notch Regency and does it very well. If you're a fan of Jane Austen, give this author a try.

This last novel in Miller's 'A Promise of Hope' series in her Regency brides format, tells Julia Hale's story. Julia ran off to Gretna Green to marry Thomas Hale in the last book, going against the wishes of her family for love. Now her husband is gone and she has no idea where to find him or even if he will return, so she goes home, bedraggled, hungry and moneyless, hoping her family will forgive her and take her in.

Major Thomas Hale has spent all his life trying to get away from his horrible past, but he can never avoid the consequences of his actions. He is being marked by those who want nothing more than to eliminate him as a threat to their existence. He can't seem to shake those who pursue him and now he may lose his wife forever.

Will this broken-hearted wife and downtrodden husband manage to make their marriage work? Even if everyone is against them? Will they find the strength to hang onto what they vowed to do?

Carolyn Miller has written a super good one this time, although all her books are great. I've been waiting for Julia's story and I was not disappointed. Miller takes us to their heartbreaks, joys and hopes and even their relationship with Christ. There were points in the story where I wept at the goodness of God. Miller has outdone herself here. I loved her wonderful spiritual theme of redemption and forgiveness! It was akin to hearing a great sermon. Bravo! Highly recommended.

*My thanks to the publisher and author for a preview copy of this book. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.

Winnie's Review:

With rich historical detail and vividly-drawn and memorable characters, Carolyn Miller has another winner with her new book, The Making of Mrs. Hale. Miller’s knowledge of societal proprieties during Regency England and her beautiful writing bring the time period alive and give the reader a feeling of authenticity. The layered characters and complex plot kept me enthralled and turning pages. Miller excels in the pacing of the story and in disclosing piece by piece the backstory of the characters. The thread of redemption, forgiveness, and grace woven into the story felt a bit overdone to me during the latter part of the story, although it helped to show the growth in both Julia and Thomas.

With lots of suspense, intrigue, adventure and added wit, humor, and romance, this book neatly wraps up the Regency Brides: Promise of Hope series. It can be read as a stand-alone book, but it’s probably more enjoyable to read the other books first, as the characters make appearances in this one. I’m eagerly looking forward to Miller’s next series. Her books are definitely on my “must read” list!

*I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

BackCover Blurb:
Marry in haste, repent in leisure—Mrs. Hale is about to find out how painful that repentance can truly be.

Julia Hale ran off to be married in Gretna Green, following romance instead of common sense. But her tale isn't turning into a happily ever after. Her new husband is gone and she doesn't know where—or if he's ever coming back. Julia has no option but to head home to the family she betrayed by eloping and to hope they'll forgive her. Especially now that she might be carrying a baby from her brief marriage.

Carolyn Miller's clean and wholesome Regency romances continue with
The Making of Mrs. Hale, following familiar characters as they learn how restoration can occur by finding hope and healing through a deep relationship with God. Full of rich historical details and witty banter, this series continues to draw in fans of Jane Austen, Sarah Ladd, and Julie Klassen.

Available in paperback and digital ebook:

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  1. Thank you so much Susan and Winnie for your kind reviews. I’m so glad you enjoyed Julia’s story! Xx


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