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THE LADIES OF INTRIGUE by Michelle Griep, Reviewed by Trixi Oberembt and Paula Shreckhise

Trixi's Review:
The Gentleman’s Smuggler’s Lady
Resplendent of a great Poldark episode, “The Gentleman’s Smuggler’s Lady” will have your heart palpitating as you ride along the Cornish seaside with Isaac Seaton and win the heart of his lady love Helen Fletcher. Meeting under less than ideal circumstances, he must untie the knot of secrets and mystery in order to impress the young lady. No easy feat when she only sees him as a scoundrel and smuggler! Ah, but you will find true love wins in the end. I loved this one and the smoldering undercurrents between these two.  Isaac certainly reminded me of my favorite character in Ross Poldark and his vibrant masculinity!

The Doctor’s Woman
“You have a healing gift, daughter. It’s not  for man to chide what God’s given. Never be ashamed of what you are. “

After the death of her doctor father, Emmy Nelson is called upon to nurse a soldier back to health at Fort Snelling where she meets Dr. James Clark. They have differing methods of healing that oftentimes clash and cause tension between the two. Especially when it comes to caring for Sioux Indians who take shelter within the forts walls, the exact tribe that killed her fiancé. Can these two find a way to work together? I loved this one because Emmy is a woman far advanced in the medical world with her knowledge of herbal remedies. She would have been looked down upon by society because of it. In a place where her skills are desperately needed, it matters not! James takes a while to realize she’s a valuable asset not only to his practice, but to his life. I really liked watching these two fall for each other and the promise of forever waiting at the end.

A House of Secrets
Engaged couple Amanda and Joseph have the same desire to help the poor and destitute of the city. Hers by opening a school providing much needed education to poor children and him by rescuing women who want to escape the brothel. But he holds a secret that could cost him the love of his life. Can he learn to trust her enough to tell her the truth? These were the perfect couple for each other! Both of them have big hearts and the means to help where ever needed. Joseph has more than a surface reason for helping women and he must overcome his fear to allow Amanda complete access to his heart. When it’s true love, it will cover a multitude of sins…real or imagined! I loved Amanda’s strong spirited personality and how she fought for the school. A great little story packed full of punch, a little bit of faith and a whole lot of love!

*I received a complimentary copy from the author and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review. All opinions are my own. *

Paula's Review
These were three entertaining, quick reads.

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady: 1815 Cornwall, England
A governess, Helen Fletcher, comes to Cornwall to tend her ailing pastor father. She is welcomed by Esther and Isaac Seaton, the local gentry. Adventures ensue as Helen is pursued by an odious Revenue official who is after local smugglers. After her father’s death, who will come to Helen’s rescue? Full of local flavor and exciting period scenes, Ms. Griep has penned a colorful tale of intrigue.

The Doctor’s Woman: 1862 Fort Snelling , Minnesota
A doctor, James Clark, newly appointed to Ft. Snelling and Emmaline Nelson, whose doctor father has recently died, must work together through a tough winter. They learn many things while tending troops and a band of Souix Indians at the encampment near the fort. Ms. Griep has a wonderful way of describing the setting and the emotions of the characters.

A House Of Secrets: 1890 St. Paul, Minnesota
A mysterious, dilapidated mansion lies in ruins. Amanda and her Ladies Aid Society have plans to renovate it to benefit the poor. The problem is she can’t find out who owns it and her city attorney fiancé Joseph can’t or won’t help her. This novella has a great cast of characters: a dastardly villain, a caring and upstanding hero and a heroine with a heart of gold. But can secrets interfere with their eventual happiness? The pace is fast and Ms. Griep’s settings put you right in the action.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher. I was not required to give a favorable review. All opinions are my own.*

BackCover Blurb:
3 Page-Turners Under One Cover from Reader Favorite Michelle Griep!
Can truth and love prevail when no one is as they appear?

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady
Cornish Coast, 1815
When a prim and proper governess returns to England from abroad, she expects to comfort her dying father—not fall in love with a smuggler. Will Helen Fletcher keep Isaac Seaton’s unusual secret?

The Doctor’s Woman (A Carol Award Winner!)
Dakota Territory, 1862
Emmy Nelson, daughter of a missionary doctor, and Dr. James Clark, city doctor aspiring to teach, find themselves working side by side at Fort Snelling during the Dakota Uprising. That is when the real clash of ideals begins.

A House of Secrets
St. Paul, Minnesota, 1890
Ladies Aide Chairman, Amanda Carston resolves to clean up St. Paul’s ramshackle housing, starting with the worst of the worst: a “haunted” house that’s secretly owned by her beau—a home that’s his only means of helping brothel girls escape from the hands of the city’s most infamous madam.

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